Western Political Science Association

Western Political Science Association 
Website: http://wpsa.research.pdx.edu/

Founded in 1948, the Western Political Science Association is an association of more than 1000 political scientists. The WPSA is headquartered at California State University at Sacramento. The purpose of the association is to promote the study and teaching of government and politics, to foster research and to facilitate the discussion of public affairs. 

The official region of the WPSA includes both the western states of the United States and the western provinces of Canada: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming, Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan. WPSA members reside primarily in the western region, but approximately one-third of our members come from outside the region. The WPSA conducts an annual conference at sites which rotate throughout the region. Approximately 700 to 900 political scientists participate in these meetings which feature 150 to 175 panels and other special sessions on politics. The journal of the WPSA is Political Research Quarterly, owned and published by the University of Utah. WPSA also publishes Politics, Groups, and Identitiesavailable online.

Contact information:
211 Corona Way
Sacramento, CA 95864
(916) 486-1551