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Civic Education & Engagement

civ.ics siviksThe study of the workings of the national and local government, especially as the subject of a secondary school course suited as training for citizenship.

Education for civic engagement and responsive governance were founding objectives of the political science profession at the beginning of the 20th century and remain essential for the 21st century. Supporting and sustaining quality civic education has been an important theme throughout the history of the American Political Science Association.    

APSA Books on Civic Engagement

   Elizabeth C. Matto
   Alison Rios Millett McCartney
   Elizabeth A. Bennion
   Dick Simpson

   About the Authors

Building on the 2013 book Teaching Civic Engagement: From Student to Active Citizen, this newest edition titled Teaching Civic Engagement Across the Disciplines (2017) explains how campuses can promote high quality education for civic engagement, providing a wealth of examples of successful practices, techniques, and assessment strategies. It focuses on best practices across disciplines and campuses, evaluating the goals, challenges, and rewards of integrating civic education into the curriculum. Read Teaching Civic Engagement Across the Disciplines here at no cost!
Check out the ONLINE SUPPLEMENT to the book which provides additional materials and resources on civic education related to assessment and evaluations, course materials, syllabi, and working with the community.






Civic Engagement: From Student to Active Citizen (2013) provides an exploration of key theoretical discussions, innovative ideas, and best practices in educating citizens in the 21st century. Find out more and read a printable version of the book here.

Online Civics Resources

APSA's Committee on Civic Education and Engagement assembled a list of resources to guide teachers through campaign and election season. 

Election Information and Voter Education Links:

Additional Resources

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