Committee on the Status of Asian Pacific Americans in the Profession
The committee on the status of Asian Pacific Americans in the profession develops and promotes activities concerning the professional development of Asian Pacific Americans within the political science discipline.

Committee Members:

Term expiring August 31, 2019:

  • Carrie Liu Currier, Texas Christian University
  • James Lai, Santa Clara University, chair

Term expiring August 31, 2020:

  • Tsung Chi, Occidental College
  • Zhiqun Zhu, Bucknell University

Term expiring August 31, 2021:

  • Nicole Filler, Highline College
  • Cara Wong, University of Illinois

Previous Roundtables or Panels at APSA Annual Meeting:

  • 2018 Roundtable: Finding Success in the Academy
  • 2018 Panel: Asian American Identity Formation and Politics: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives
  • 2017 Panel: The 2016 National Asian American Survey and the State of AAPI Politics
  • 2016 Panel: In Memory of Don Nakanishi: Asian American Voting and Empowerment
  • 2015 Roundtable: Diversity and Asian American Community Involvement: Past, Present, and Future
  • 2014 Panel: Asian American Civic Engagement in 2014 and Beyond
  • 2013 Review of introductory American Government/Politics textbook (completed and will be posted during the fall of 2014)
  • 2012 Roundtable: Asian Americans in U.S. Electoral Politics/The Pew Report
  • 2011 Roundtable: Asian American Identity and Politics
  • 2009 Panel 1 Roundtable on the 2008 National Asian Pacific American in the Profession

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