Data on the Profession

The APSA Research Department collects, aggregates, and shares data on the political science profession. Our primary instruments of data collection census political science departments at the undergraduate- and graduate-levels. APSA's Departmental Survey - the longest-running survey in the profession - collects data from department chairs of nearly 1,200 institutions about political science curriculums, enrollments, and faculty/ professional working conditions. The Graduate Placement Survey solicits data primarily on the placements of political science job market candidates from PhD-granting institutions in the US, but also collects data regarding incoming cohorts of graduate students in the discipline. Finally, the Project on Women and Minorities (PWAM) Survey collects demographics on PhD students and faculty from top MA- and PhD-granting political science departments across the USas ranked by number of degrees they conferred and their selectivity rates based on data from the IPEDS dataset.

We produce insights on the profession and trends in the discipline using APSA surveys and other datasets, and disseminate those insights by sharing our datasets and responding to members' requests for data on the profession (see below!), creating data visualizations like the Charts of the Monthmaintaining interactive data dashboards, writing digestible reports of recordand supporting the other work of the Association through evaluations of APSA programming, APSA meetings, and member satisfaction.

Requesting Data from the APSA Research Department
If you are interested in APSA data, please submit your request below. Please contact us at surveys@apsanet.org with any questions, comments, or thoughts.