Data on the Profession

The APSA Research Department collects, aggregates, and shares data on the political science profession. We produce reports using APSA surveys and other data, keep an archive of our older reports, maintain interactive data dashboards, and collaborate with members undertaking research on the profession in their own capacity as researchers. We respond to requests for data from members and other constituents from January through September.

Our two primary instruments of data collection are the Departmental Survey, which collects data from department chairs about political science curriculum, enrollments, and faculty, and the Graduate Placement Survey, which solicits data on political science job market candidates from PhD-granting institutions in the United States.  We also run specialized surveys for the association evaluating programs, meetings, member satisfaction, and trends in the discipline.

Please contact us at [email protected] with any questions, comments, or thoughts, or by calling the main APSA line at (202) 483-2512.