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APSA has published a variety of books, brochures, guides, and other materials and would like to offer them to members, practitioners, and the public.

Strategies for Navigating Graduate School and Beyond
Kevin G. Lorentz II, Daniel J. Mallinson, Julia Marin Hellwege, Davin Phoenix, and J. Cherie Strachan, editors




Strategies for Navigating Graduate School and Beyond is a comprehensive guide which aims to help improve the graduate school experience for everyone involved, whether student or professor.

This extensive compilation contains 69 chapters composed by a total of 153 contributors.

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Political Science Internships
Towards Best Practices
Renée Van Vechten, Bobbi Gentry, John Berg, editors




Political Science Internships: Towards Best Practices highlights the most effective processes and recommendations for faculty and internship administrators to use while building or maintaining an internship program.

This guide is a wealth of knowledge for educators and intern managers.

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Teaching Civic Engagement Globally
 Elizabeth Matto, Alison McCartney, Elizabeth Bennion, editors
Teaching Civic Globally Cover.PNG


In the interest of preventing an apathetic generation of students who find no reason to partake in social or global activism, Teaching Civic Engagement Globally offers a compilation of lesson plans, classroom studies, and suggestions for educators to help teach how and why human beings ought to engage with the issues around them.

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Navigating Political Science
Professional Advancement & Success in the Discipline
Kent Worcester, editor

navigating Cover


APSA's 2018 guide to the discipline brings together some of the most noteworthy contributions to APSA journals published over the past couple of decades. Topics range from peer reviewing, mentoring and faculty governance to blogging, data collection, and digital media.

With 28 chapters by 45 contributors, the book is a great resource for both aspiring ABDs and seasoned PhDs.

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Style Manual for Political Science




Style Manual for Political Science: Professional Advancement & Success in the Discipline provides guidelines for authors on preparing and writing manuscripts for submission to APSA journals. It includes information on preparation, punctuation, style, parenthetical citations, references, notes, tables and figures, and additional resources.

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Teaching Civic Engagement Across the Disciplines                                                                    Elizabeth C. Matto, Alison Rios Millett Mccartney, Elizabeth A. Bennion, and Dick Simpson, Editors




This book seeks to build upon teaching civic engagement: from student to active citizen (2013) by making significant steps forward in the scholarship of civic engagement education for all disciplines.

Teaching Civic Engagement Across the Disciplines evaluates the goals, challenges and rewards of integrating civic education into the curriculum, highlighting best practices across disciplines and campuses.







Books & Booklets

Teaching Civic Engagement: From Student to Active Citizen (2017)

teaching civic engagement student to active Cover


Teaching Civic Engagement: From Student to Active Citizen

Covering a wide range of critical discussions over 27 chapters, this work is a significant and timely contribution to the study of civic engagement. teaching civic engagement: from student to active citizen provides an exploration of key theoretical discussions, innovative ideas, and best practices in educating citizens in the 21st century.




Assessment in Political Science (2009)


Assessment in Political Science (2009)

In addition to general assessment tools, the authors and editors provide guidance on assessing learning in special situations such as in online environments and experiential programs. The editors and authors of assessment in political science also created an online supplemental site to offer material and resources on classroom, departmental and program assessment, and which reflect the scope of the discipline in our work to teach and educate from the undergraduate level to the doctoral level.



Publishing Political Science: APSA Guide to Writing and Publishing (2008)

PublishingPS Cover


Publishing Political Science (2008)

Edited by Stephen Yoder (former managing editor of PS: Political Science & Politics, this guide provides practical advice from leading political scientists and publishers.





Political Science: The State of the Discipline III (2002)


Political Science: The State of the Discipline III (2002)

Topics covered include: the state of the discipline in an era of globalization; democracy, justice, and their institutions; citizenship, identity, and political participation; and studying politics, including essays on comparative politics, rational choice, game theory, data and formal theory, and reclaiming the experimental tradition.




Departments can download pdf versions and print them via institutional printers.

Why Study Political Science?

Why Study Political Science?

This brochure explains the benefits of studying political science for students trying to choose their degree. the brochure also provides tips for both high school and current undergraduate students.






Exploring a Career in Political Science

Exploring a Career in Political Science

This brochure explores opportunities after graduating with a degree in political science. Readers will consider the benefits of their education and learn about the many fields open to students of political science.




Online-Only Publication

CareersandPS Cover

Careers and the Study of Political Science (2003)

A helpful resource for undergraduate students, this career guide explores the many career options available to political science students and emphasizes the value of political science training. The guide discusses careers ranging from work in nonprofits, to government public service, and to teaching and research positions in academia.