eJobs FAQ for Job Candidates and Employers

↕Job Candidate FAQ

Do I need to be an APSA member to use eJobs?
Yes, you must be an active APSA member to access eJobs.

Can I post my CV on eJobs? Who can see it?
Yes, you can upload a CV or put together an online CV through the “My CV Listing” feature. Any hiring department with an active jobs listing will be able to view your CV.  

How can hiring committees find my CV?
All departments with an active eJobs listing can search candidate CVs by keyword, region, job position, subfield, expertise, and salary range.

How do I update my CV?
Login to your APSA account and then go to MyAPSA. Select “Access eJobs” under the APSA Resources list. Then click on “My CV Listing.” You can then edit your information and/or upload a CV.

Can I sign up for automatic email updates?
Yes. When you do an eJobs search, there is a green "Save this Search" button at the top of the search results. You can save multiple searches and sign up for daily, weekly or monthly alerts. To edit or delete a saved search, click on the "Saved Searches" option on the eJobs welcome page after logging in to your account. You can also view a PDF of the previous day’s job listings on the eJobs welcome page.

What kinds of positions are listed?
eJobs postings are for academic positions of all ranks and a variety of non-academic positions.

Where can I find data on eJobs?
A full breakdown of the latest jobs data by is available here.  You can also find the latest eJobs placement report here.

↕Employer FAQ

How much does it cost to post?
Departmental members of APSA can place an unlimited number of job posts for no additional charge. Departments and institutions that are not APSA members may post a job for $300 for the initial one-month job posting, and then $150 for each additional month.

Who can post?
Only departments or institutions have the ability to post job advertisements.  Individual members must be linked to a department or institution in order to post a job. If you have questions about being linked to a departmental or institutional APSA account, please call our membership team at (202) 483-2512.

How do I post a job listing?
Once logged in to an individual account that is linked to a departmental account, click the green “MyAPSA” button on the top of the page.  On the right hand side, under APSA resources, click “Access eJobs”.  You will want to enter as an employer, and click continue.  Next, choose “Add A New Job”.  From that point you will be able to fill in any information that you would like to be included in the listing.  Once you have filled in the necessary information, click “Add Job Listing”.  

How do I edit a job post?
The department chair or institutional contact should login to his or her APSA account and go to MyAPSA. Then select “Access eJobs” under the APSA Resources list. Click on the “Employers” radio button and choose the job post you would like to edit.

Where can I find data on eJobs?
A full breakdown of the latest jobs data by is available here.  You can also find the latest eJobs placement report here