Interdisciplinary Membership
As a member of AHA, you will receive the following publications: The American Historical Review; Perspectives; AHA Annual Meeting Program. You will also receive special member prices for other publications.
Associate Membership $93
3-year Associate Membership $279
As a member of IPSA, you will receive a subscription to the International Political Science Review (five issues per year) and to Participation, the magazine of IPSA (one or two issues per year). IPSA membership runs from January 1st to December 31st of each year. You will receive all publications printed during the year of your membership, including past issues of the current year.
Regular Membership - 2 years $222
Senior Membership - 2 years $156
Student Membership - 1 year $66
Student Membership - 2 years $99
Lifetime Membership $1800
Regular Membership - 2 year (current year start) $100
Student Membership - 2 year (current year start) $30