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2021 APSA Annual Meeting

Request to Host Affiliated Events at the 2021 APSA Annual Meeting | Deadline Extended: April 14, 2021

APSA provides complimentary space for business meetings and receptions during the Annual Meeting. Please see the available time slots below. APSA will make every attempt to fulfill your request for space. However, due to growth of the official program, we cannot guarantee we will be able to accommodate all requests. Apply here.
APSA Programs and Initiatives

Visit APSA's Democracy 2020 Project 
Political Science helps us understand issues central to the current political moment, including democracy, elections, voting, and government. APSA’s Democracy 2020 Project provides tools that can be used by students, scholars, teachers and the public to better understand and engage with the 2020 U.S. Elections. Learn more.

Applications Open: APSA Diversity Fellowship Program (DFP) – 1st and 2nd Year PhD Students | Deadline: March 19, 2021
The APSA Diversity Fellowship Program, established in 1969, aims to increase diversity and the presence of underrepresented individuals in the discipline of political science. The spring cycle will provide support to first and second-year students in political science Ph.D. programs. One-time awards will range from $1000 - $2000. Apply here.

Call for Applications: 2021-2022 Public Scholarship Program | Deadline: March 22, 2021
Each year, APSA publishes a list of new scholars who have recently completed their dissertations. This year's list will be published in APSA's new magazine, Political Science Today. Please help recognize these scholars by submitting this form with information about any dissertations defended in your department in the 2020 calendar year.

APSA News & Updates

Statement Condemning the Violent Insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, Expanded

The American Political Science Association strongly condemns President Trump, Republican legislators, and all those who have continuously endorsed and disseminated falsehoods and misinformation, and who have worked to overturn the results of a free and fair Presidential Election. The President’s continuous lies, as well as his racist and xenophobic language and policies, have stoked existing, and sown anew, mistrust in the democratic process in the United States. We strongly condemn the insurrection and violent and deadly attack upon the U.S. Capitol. No tolerance should be given to the insurrectionists and the hatred and lies that motivate them.
Read more.

APSA Presidential Task Force on Coronavirus Release Statements
The APSA Task Force on the Coronavirus, appointed by APSA President Paula D. McClain on the recommendation of the APSA Council, worked through the summer to identify implications of the coronavirus pandemic for our profession, institutions, and professional organizations, emphasizing actions our members, institutions, and organizations could effectively take to avoid harm, ameliorate negative effects, and learn from the experience. The Task Force recommendations were unanimously approved by the APSA Council at their recent meeting.  These recommendations are reflected below in four key statements: Statement on Federal and State Support for Institutions of Higher EducationStatement to Colleges and UniversitiesStatement and Recommendations on Teaching, and Statement on Professional Career and Personnel Matters


APSA Statement on 2020 Election
The 2020 Election was unprecedented in its challenges, candidates, and levels of voter participation. Political scientists have played an invaluable role in providing context, facts, and a rich analysis and understanding throughout the campaign and election season often characterized by uncertainty. Thus, the American Political Science Association (APSA) would like to applaud the important and valuable work done by members of the discipline to encourage civic engagement, support free, fair, and healthy elections, and much more.  Read more.

 Meet the New 2020 APSA Council Members 

Congratulations to the newly-elected APSA Council Members and Officers for 2020! These Council Members and Officers began their terms in September following the conclusion of the APSA Annual Meeting. The Rules and Elections Committee report on the election is available here, and you can find more information about the APSA election process here. Read More

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Introducing Political Science Today, APSA’s New Member Magazine
Political Science Today now serves as the journal of record for the association and includes sections previously published under “the Association” in PS: Political Science & Politics as well as original content. All members will receive the first copy of the magazine in print. To opt-in to future issues, update your journal delivery preferences on the APSA website. Read the first issue here!

Perspectives on Politics Call For Papers: Black Lives Matter Special Issue | Deadline: May 31, 2021

Perspectives on Politics calls for submission of papers for a special issue, the purpose of which is to explore the state of BLM, its impact, and its potential ramifications. Following the murders of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, among others, Black Lives Matter (BLM) is at the center of American politics. It is widespread, diverse, and the protests it leads have broad popular support according to public opinion polling. History suggests that protest is essential to the health of democracies. Christopher Sebastian Parker of the University of Washington will serve as Guest Editor for this special issue. Learn more here.