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The Title VI and Fulbright-Hays programs at the US Department of Education support development of national capacity for international understanding and foreign language education, including supporting National Research Centers, Area Overseas Research Centers, and related programs.

Current Funding Status

On June 28, the Senate Appropriations Committee approved an FY19 funding bill (S.3158) maintaining flat funding for Title VI and Fulbright-Hays, allocating $65.1 million to Title VI and $7.06 million for Fulbright-Hays. 

On December 20, 2017, Sens. Todd Young and Tammy Baldwin introduced the Advancing International and Foreign Language Act (S.2255). The bipartisan legislation reauthorizes Title VI of the Higher Education Act and, like the House Democrats' companion legislation H.R. 4491 , would extend the authorization of all currently funded programs including Foreign Language and Area Studies fellowships and American Overseas Research Centers. 

The House Education and Work Force Committee introduced the PROSPER Act (H.R. 4508) on December 1. The bill reauthorizes the Higher Education Act and would make significant changes to Title VI programs. The bill would eliminate four unfunded programs and two funded programs, including Undergraduate International Studies and Foreign Languages and the American Overseas Research Centers, and maintain five Title VI programs. The authorization, which would extend to 2024, would be limited to approximately $61.5 million. The level is roughly equal to the total FY17 funding for the five continued programs. 

The FY 2019 Presidential Budget Request repeated its recommendation that Congress maintain flat funding for Title VI programs and end support for Fulbright-Hays. 

APSA Action

APSA is a member of the Coalition for International Education (CIE), which supports funding for Title VI and Fulbright-Hays.

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