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Status Committee on Contingent Faculty in the Profession

The goal of the Committee on the Status of Contingent Faculty in the Profession is to bring attention to issues that impact contingent faculty in the discipline and to determine how APSA can best engage and support them.


Committee Members

Term expiring August 31, 2018

Peter Francia, East Carolina University
Patricia Stapleton, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Term expiring August 31, 2019

Catherine Guisan, University of Minnesota, Chair
Julia Lau, Independent Researcher

Term expiring August 31, 2020

Susan Orr, SUNY Brockport
Nathan Paxton, American University and staff, U.S. Senate

Term expiring August 31, 2021

Veronica Czastkiewicz, University of Colorado Colorado Springs


Our committee is pursuing six goals in 2017-2018

  • Organizing our second panel at the APSA Annual meeting, Boston 2018.
  • Establishing a list of contingent faculty in political science departments across the country, in collaboration with the East Carolina University Center for Survey Research. Once the list is completed a survey will be developed with help of APSA staff, and sent out to all names on the list.
  • The drafting of guidelines for an APSA “principled position” on the status of contingent faculty in the profession, for submission to the APSA Council.
  • Contributing Spotlight feature in PS, Political Science and Politics. See below for call and circulate widely. All proposals welcome.
  • Developing our connections with the other APSA status committees.
  • Allocating financial resources for the committee’s current and future activities.



The APSA Committee on the Status of Contingent Faculty seeks proposals for a Spotlight feature in the APSA journal PS. The Spotlight will address issues facing, and experiences of, contingent faculty in Political Science. Contributions should be 750 – 1000 words and engage one of the topic areas outlined below.

We seek contributions from a diverse range of perspectives. Please feel free to circulate this call to others who you feel may be interested. Any authors whose contributions are approved will also be expected to serve as a reviewer for other essays in the Spotlight feature – as the publication will be peer reviewed. 


If you are interested in making a contribution please send a brief 1-paragraph overview of the content of your proposed contribution to Veronica Czastkiewicz ([email protected]) and Susan Orr ([email protected]) who will serve as guest editors. We would like to receive proposals by June 1st 2018. Accepted proposals would be due by November 1st 2018. 

Thanks for your consideration and we hope to receive your proposal. 

APSA Committee on the Status of Contingent Faculty 
General Topic Areas for Spotlight feature on Contingent Labor in Political Science:

1. Scope of adjunct labor in political science - perhaps in comparison to academe generally
2. Experiences of adjunct and obstacles they face, e.g.: 
• Working professionals as adjuncts
• Adjuncts abroad
• Career prospects for adjunct instructors
• Adjunct instructors in community and technical colleges
• Publishing as an adjunct
• Academic freedom and contingency
3. Ideas for improving adjunct labor or reducing adjunct labor
4. Ideas for how APSA and other organizations in the discipline can support adjuncts
5. Why the discipline should care about adjuncts and the impact reliance on adjuncts has on the discipline


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