Juneteenth Resources

A collection of resources over the historical and cultural significance of the June 19th holiday in addition to research journals geared towards questions of race and other critical issues. 

The Cambridge Guide to African American History
The Cambridge Guide to African American History emphasizes blacks' agency and achievements in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, notably outcomes of the Civil Rights Movement. To consider the means or strategies that African Americans utilized in pursuing their aspirations and struggles for freedom and equality, readers can consult subjects delineating ideological, institutional, and organizational aspects of black priorities, with tactics of resistance or dissent, over time and place. 
Black Power in 1996
Black Power in 1996 and the Demonization of African Americans in PS: Political Science & Politics by Michael C. Dawson
The cry of “Black Power” shook American society three decades ago. “Black Power” was a slogan that energized a generation of young African Americans, troubled their elders such as Dr. King (who agreed with many of the goals, but saw the slogan itself as divisive), and appalled the great majority of whites.
Du Bois Review
Du Bois Review: Social Science Research on Race
This peer-reviewed journal is devoted to research and criticism on race in the social sciences. It provides a forum for discussion and increased understanding of race and society from a range of disciplines, including but not limited to economics, political science, sociology, anthropology, law, communications, public policy, psychology, and history.
Journal of Race, Ethnicity and Politics
The Journal of Race, Ethnicity, and Politics
JREP is the official journal of the Race, Ethnicity, and Politics section of the American Political Science Association. JREP highlights critical and timely research into the multiple junctures between politics and issues of race, ethnicity, immigration, and indigeneity, as well as their intersections with other axes of identity and marginalization. 
Juneteenth Celebration
Juneteenth: Opportunities to celebrate and reflect on the holiday
Juneteenth, the June 19 holiday honoring the emancipation of enslaved people in the United States, offers opportunities to reflect and to celebrate. Now an official federal holiday, and University holiday as well, Juneteenth will be formally recognized this year on Friday, June 17.  See a list of several community events, as well as books, panel discussions and other resources to explore, as compiled by the Office of Human Resources’ Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Team at Princeton University. 
African American Cultural Celebration
Senses of Freedom: The Taste, Sound, and Experience of an African American Celebration
Juneteenth is a time to gather with family and community, honor the present and reflect on shared history and tradition. Discover the tastes, sounds and experiences of this African American cultural tradition. Visit the 
National Museum of African American History and Culture here.
National Review of Black Politics
The National Review of Black Politics
NRBP is a refereed, international, and interdisciplinary quarterly journal of the National Conference of Black Political Scientists, continuing the scholarly legacy of National Political Science Review, which had been published continually from 1989-2019. NRBP publishes exceptional quality scholarship related to the experiences of African-Americans in the American political community, the African diaspora in the Western Hemisphere, and on questions of black politics and the politics of race-making globally.