In 2016, APSA celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Ralph Bunche Summer Institute (RBSI). At the APSA Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, and again at a special celebration dinner in Washington, DC, we heard over and over about the enduring importance and long-term impact of this program.

We are incredibly proud that over 600 students have attended the RBSI over time, and over 20 percent of students are completing or have completed their PhDs. It has one of the largest impacts for programs of this kind.

Every year up to 20 rising seniors are selected to participate in this program which provides exposure to the benefits of postgraduate education and the chance to explore the possibilities for their own future.

The RBSI is currently supported by Duke University and APSA. Additionally, we are very fortunate that the National Science Foundation has funded the RBSI with funding guaranteed through 2021. But, we must be ready to support the long-term programming future through other means.

APSA invites you to join us in securing the future of the RBSI program by investing in the next generations of students and scholars. APSA is contributing $1.25 million  to support this effort and is seeking another $1.25 million in private funding from individuals, foundations, and corporations.

Donate now to Ralph Bunche Programs Endowment Fund


Your donation will be used in its entirety to grow a permanent fund so that future generations benefit from this valuable program. You can make donations of cash, stocks, and bequests, and pledge your support over as many as three years.

Many of you have benefited from the generosity of others in achieving your goals – now it’s your opportunity to help support the future generations of political science scholars, researchers, and professionals.

If you would like more information about contributing to the generation to generation initiative for the Ralph J. Bunche Fund, please feel free to contact Jason Sapia at 202-349-9357 or [email protected]

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