Departmental Services Program

The APSA Departmental Services Program supports political science departments by providing resources for department chairs; data and reports on the profession; forums for departments to address common issues; and services for chairs, faculty, and students. 

Join over 500 departments of varying sizes and types that participate through an APSA Department Membership and benefit from this special connection to the discipline.  Learn more about becoming an APSA Department Member.

For Department Chairs
For Department Chairs

Department Chairs' Workshop & Luncheon


Department chairs are invited each year by the Departmental Services Program to a luncheon at the Annual Meeting where participants discuss current issues facing departments.  

Expanded Professional Network Opportunity: Department Chairs Mini-Conference at the 2024 APSA Annual Meeting.   Registration for the event will open leading up to the 2024 APSA Annual Meeting.


Data on the Profession


The APSA Research Department publishes reports on a variety of topics pertinent to the political science profession. These reports fall into three main categories: Curriculum; Enrollments and Degrees; and Employment and Salaries.  Learn more here.


External Review Program for Department Assessment


An external review is a means by which a department assesses its current state and effectiveness, and develops goals and strategies to guide its future. This provides a unique opportunity for a department to consider the experience, expertise, and perspective of the academy at large through the engagement of outside participants who comprise the external review team.

As a resource for APSA departmental members seeking external review, the Departmental Services Program maintains a list of faculty who have volunteered to serve as reviewers. To request names of potential reviewers, please contact dsp@apsanet.org. If you would like to volunteer as a reviewer, please submit your information here.


eJobs, Interview Services, & Career Fair


APSA eJobs is the most comprehensive database of jobs related to political science and is accessible to all members.  Department members have access to post complimentary listings. 

Further information about the 2024 Interview Services and the Career Fair will be shared shortly.

Department Portal

The APSA Departments’ Portal is a free resource for all APSA Department Members and includes a range of resources to support departments and their leaders as they navigate issues critical to the success of their departments. 

It includes resources on topics such as:

  • Diversity and equity;
  • Undergraduate and graduate student recruitment;
  • Faculty hiring;
  • Materials to support improvements in teaching and civic education
  • External review; and
  • Strategies for department leaders
If you need to obtain portal access for one of your fellow faculty members, please contact dsp@apsnet.org.
Access the Department Officer Guide here!


Political Science Club Guide

Political science clubs are a great way to get students involved in department activities and campus life. Such clubs offer benefits to students and departments by facilitating greater and more meaningful faculty-student engagement, and by providing opportunities for networking, professional development, and leadership experience. Find out more about how and why to start an undergraduate political science club in the APSA Political Science Club Guide.

Departmental Services Committee

The Department Services Committee is tasked with providing input on APSA’s Departmental Services Program and developing department-related programming at the APSA Annual Meeting.

Click here to learn more.


Access Webinars in the Department Portal

All department webinars can be found in the Department Portal.

Need access to the portal? please contact dsp@apsanet.org

Upcoming Webinars

There are no upcoming webinars at this time.

APSA Departmental Memberships

Interested in having your department join APSA as a departmental member?  Learn more here.