Academic and Professional Development Committees
Committee on Departmental Services

The Committee on Departmental Services advises APSA on the Departmental Services Program (DSP) which provides a forum for political science departments large and small to address common issues as well as plan and develop publications and services for chairs, faculty, and students. The program supports political science teaching, scholarship, and service, and provides resources for department chairs. Learn more about departmental services at APSA here.

Committee Members: 

Term expiring August 31, 2026

  • Chair: Miki Kittilson, Arizona State University
  • Carolyn Warner, University of Nevada, Reno

Term expering August 31, 2025

  • Alice Jackson, Morgan State University
  • Scott Straus, University of California, Berkeley

Term expiring August 31, 2024

  • Kathleen Bruhn, University of California, Santa Barbara
  • Cyril Ghosh, Clark University

TLC at APSA Program Committee

The program committee for the 2023 TLC at APSA, the full-day teaching and learning conference held at the Annual Meeting, sets the themes for the event and oversees the formation of conference tracks, panels, and workshops.

Committee members:
  • Rebecca Glazier, University of Arkansas at Little Rock (co-chair)
  • Young-Im Lee, California State University-Sacramento (co-chair)
  • Delina Barrera, Texas Southmost College
  • Kathleen Cole, Metropolitan State University
  • Anthony Kammas, University of Southern California
  • Eric Loepp, University of Wisconsin, Whitewater
  • Matthew Platt, Morehouse College

Careers Diversity Committee

The Careers Diversity Committee will advise APSA on support for political scientists who seek careers in government, industry, nonprofits, and academia by planning events and programs designed to advance career diversity and recruit APSA members from across these careers. The committee will identify ways that APSA can help build career opportunities for doctoral students and faculty outside of the academy.

Committee members:

  • Natalie Jackson, Director of Research PRRI/Public Religion Research Institute, Co-Chair
  • David Lazer, Northeastern University, Co-Chair
  • Sarah Binder, George Washington University  
  • Ben Campbell, CoverMyMeds 
  • John Haskell, Library of Congress
  • Andrew Holbrook, Wells Fargo  
  • Juhem Navarro-Rivera, Socioanalytica Research
  • Lee Walker, University of North Texas