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Professional Development Resources

The American Political Science Association (APSA) provides many opportunities to develop and hone skills related to the discipline, such as teaching, research, and publishing. 

2018 Annual Meeting & Exhibition in Boston, MA

Join us August 30 – September 2, 2018, in Boston for the 114th APSA Annual Meeting & Exhibition to address the latest scholarship in political science while exploring the 2018 theme, “Democracy and Its Discontents.” This year, the annual meeting will be providing opportunities for attendees such as: 

  • 2018 Annual Meeting Career Fair
    APSA is pleased to announce that the second annual APSA Career Fair will take place from 4pm-6pm on Thursday, August 30. The Career Fair is an opportunity for APSA members to connect with departments, institutions, and organizations for informational and informal discussions about jobs in political science, and other careers that draw on political science training, both on campus and in applied/non-academic settings. 

    Organizations participating in 2017 included the RAND Corporation, the US Naval Academy, Scholars Strategy Network, Chabot College, San Jose State University, the Institute for Humane Studies, St. Olaf College, Springer Nature, the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Central Intelligence Agency, and more! Learn more here.
  • 2018 Annual Meeting Dissertation Workshops
    APSA will organize dissertation workshops on Wednesday, August 29, 2018. Each full-day workshop will include six PhD candidates who will present a dissertation chapter, along with two scholars who will lead the workshop and moderate discussions. The application period for the 2018 workshops is now live. Learn more and apply here.  
  • eJobs & Interview Services
    APSA provides an Interview Service at the annual meeting that gives employers who have posted an eJobs listing space and facilities to interview candidates onsite at the meeting. eJobs is the most comprehensive database of academic political science positions available. It is only accessible to members and is updated daily with new job listings and candidate resumes. To learn more about eJobs, please read the eJobs FAQ. To learn more about the Interview Service, please read the status committees also host a number of Annual Meeting roundtables covering their work to advance the interests of underrepresented groups across the political science discipline. careers in political science. Information includes navigating the academic and non-academic job markets, making the most of career advancement opportunities, finding scholarships and internship opportunities, and preparing for the transition from graduate student to young professional.   Visit the following links for more information:  
    Navigating the Profession
    This first virtual issue of PS: Political Science & Politics brings together some of the journal’s most highly cited articles about the profession from more than a dozen past issues. Topics include: restructuring the social sciences; navigating the challenges of fieldwork and research design; harnessing the potential in blogging and other outreach; becoming a reviewer; and writing more effectively. Read the virtual issue  here


    International Programs & Workshops
    APSA’s Department of International Programs works to support the integrity and advancement of political science scholarship by promoting closer interaction between American and non-American political scientists, as well as greater cross-fertilization of their substantive and methodological concerns. As part of this goal, APSA has held international workshops in Africa and the MENA region. Learn more about APSA's international programs and workshops here.
    Centennial Center for Political Science and Public Affairs
    APSA'S Centennial Center for Political Science and Public Affairs promotes professional development, publishing, and research opportunities for political science scholars. Through its facilities, funds, grants, and awards the Centennial Center encourages individual research and writing in all fields of political science, facilitates collaboration among scholars working within the discipline and across the social and behavioral sciences and humanities, and promotes communication between scholars and policymakers. Learn more about professional development opportunities at the Centennial Center here.

Job Candidate Questions
The Job Candidate Questions are a series of questions APSA has compiled to help job candidates ask the right questions and gather valuable information for career decisions. These questions address topics such as tenure, renewal and annual reviews, research support, teaching support, service activities, and mentoring activities in the department. 

Graduate Student Questions
The Graduate Student Questions are a series of questions APSA has compiled to help prospective graduate students gather valuable information for education and career decisions. These questions are a suggested starting point for inquiring students who would like to know more about the goals of a doctoral program, including how it prepares students for careers, and what it does to facilitate job placement and professional development. 

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