For Section Officers and Organizers

Congratulations on becoming an APSA organized section officer.  You will find instruction manuals, schedules, and important documents that will aide you in your position throughout the year.




  Organized Section Treasurer Resources

In order for APSA to process the payments as efficiently as possible, please submit the following to finance@apsanet.org when requesting a payment:

•    Payment Request Form (please submit one payment request form per individual payment)
•    Invoice/award letter/etc
•    ACH/Wire Transfer Form – Please type the requested information to ensure that it is processed correctly
•    W-8/W-9

APSA Membership dues, Organized Section dues, and Annual Meeting registration fees are non-reimbursable expenses.  For further information on eligible reimbursements please email membership@apsanet.org

Blank Forms

If you have any questions please contact membership@apsanet.org