Heinz I. Eulau Award

The Heinz Eulau prize is awarded annually for the best article published in the American Political Science Review (APSR) and for the best article published in Perspectives on Politics (POP) in the calendar year. It carries a prize of $750. Special thanks go to Cambridge University Press for support of the new prize given in 2005, recognizing scholarship in Perspectives on Politics.

In 2004, the APSA Council acted to incorporate the best paper published in Perspectives in Politics under the umbrella of the Heinz Eulau Award, as well as the best paper published in APSR. This action was taken to allow APSA to recognize articles in Perspectives on Politics in a way parallel with APSR, without transgressing a council moratorium on new awards. As we build up award endowment, we expect in the future that the two awards will be separated. To manage the effort involved in selecting best articles for two journals, APSA President Margaret Levi, in consultation with the Award Committee Chair, increased the number of appointees to the Eulau Committee from 3 to 5, and suggested that two members focus on APSR articles and two on Perspectives on Politics articles, with the chair acting as the swing participant and coordinating voice.

We do not accept nominations for the Eulau award - all articles published in APSR and POP within the past year are eligible.


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Heinz Eulau Award Committee

Chair: Vera Eva Troeger
University of Warwick
[email protected]

Kathleen Bawn
University of California, Los Angeles
[email protected]

Dr. Samara Klar
University of Arizona
[email protected]

Yonatan Lupu
George Washington University
[email protected]

Professor Jorgen Moller
University of Aarhus
[email protected]