Race, Ethnicity and Politics (Section 33)

The purpose of this section is to foster communication among scholars, recognize leadership in the field, facilitate research and publication opportunities, encourage undergraduate and student interest, and create a permanent forum for developing and refining appropriate theoretical models in the study of race and ethnicity.

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Section Awards

Section awards are presented during the APSA annual meeting awards ceremony. To learn more about any award listed, contact the award committee chair for the award.

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Best Dissertation Award

The Best Dissertation award is based on the following criteria -- the dissertation: (1) makes an important theoretical contribution to our understanding of historical and/or contemporary processes of racial and ethnic information; (2) addresses critical substantive issues through which racial and ethnic politics are played out; (3) generates discourse for innovative frameworks (and analyses) for the study of race, ethnicity, and politics; (4) is well-written; and is analytically rigorous (primary source data, case material, extant analyses, new or underutilized methodology). Deadline for nominations: April 30, 2022

Award Committee

Name Affiliation Email
Eric Gonzalez Juenke Michigan State University [email protected]
Tehama Lopez George Mason University [email protected]
Brian Calfano University of Cincinnati [email protected]

Best Book Award

The REP Section's annual book awards recognize the very best research exploring the multiple junctures between politics and issues of race, ethnicity, immigration, and indigeneity, as well as their intersections with other axes of identity and marginalization. We seek nominations for books that broadly focus on racial and ethnic politics, from scholars across all sub-fields of political science and allied disciplines. Singly- and multiply-authored books, monographs as well as textbooks, will be considered. Books published/copyrighted in calendar year 2021 are eligible for the prize. Books that were nominated in previous years are not eligible and should not be renominated.
Instructions: Please send one copy of each nominated book directly to each of the committee members at the addresses listed below. 
Deadline for nominations: April 1, 2022

Award Committee

Name Affiliation Email
Kim Yi Dionne University of California, Riverside [email protected]
Domingo Morel Rutgers University [email protected]
Christopher Stout Oregon State University [email protected]

Best Paper Award

The Best Paper Award is given for the best paper on Race, Ethnicity, and Politics presented at the previous year’s APSA Annual Meeting.
Deadline for nominations: April 30, 2022

Award Committee

Name Affiliation Email
Maneesh Arora Wellesley College [email protected]
Nura Sediqe Princeton University [email protected]
LaGina Gause University of California, San Diego [email protected]

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