Southwestern Political Science Association

Website: www.swpsa.org/ 

The Southwestern Political Science Association is an affiliate of the Southwestern Social Science Association (SSSA), the oldest regional social science association in the United States.  Founded in 1919 by the University of Texas Department of Government, the SSSA also has affiliates in anthropology, economics, history, international studies, social work, sociology, and women’s and gender studies. The SSSA is the largest interdisciplinary professional organization in the social sciences and publishes Social Science Quarterly.

For more information about its history, see the Texas State Historical Association Online entry here.

Officers (2018-19)

President: Stacy Ulbig, San Houston State University, sgu001@shsu.edu

Vice-President and Program Chair: Jason Casellas, University of Houston, jcasellas@uh.edu

Secretary-Treasurer: Jocelyn Evans, University of West Florida, jevans@uwf.edu

President Elect: Jennifer Horan, University of North Carolina – Wilmington, horanj@uncw.edu

Vice President and Program Chair Elect: Beth Miller Vonnahme, University of Missouri – Kansas City, vonnahmeb@umkc.edu

Past President: David Damore, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, david.damore@unlv.edu

Past Program Committee Chair: Priscilla Machado Zotti, United States Naval Academy, zotti@usna.edu

2019 Annual Meeting: October 30 – November 2, San Diego, CA 


Contact information:
Southwestern Political Science Association
11000 University Parkway, Bldg. 50, Rm. 121 Pensacola, FL 32514
(850) 474-2660




Social Science Quarterly

Social Science Quarterly (SSQ) publishes current research on a broad range of topics including political science, sociology, economics, history, social work, geography, international studies, and women's studies.