Center for the Study of the Presidency

Website: http://www.thepresidency.org/index.htm

The Center for the Study of the Presidency is a non-partisan and non-profit organization. Inspired by Dwight Eisenhower's 1969 call for programs on the American Presidency for "students old and young," its founders included Dr. R. Gordon Hoxie, a historian and Chancellor of Long Island University, who became the first President of the Center, and Arthur T. Roth, Board Vice Chair at Long Island University, who became the first Chairman of the Center's Board of Trustees. 

For most of its existence, the Center has focused on educating young leaders. As part of the Center Fellows Program, Dr. Hoxie brought students to Washington, DC to learn about the policy process and the history of American government. While the Center retains its original purpose through the continuation of the Fellows Program and the award-wining Presidential Studies Quarterly, the Center has undergone several important changes. 

In 1999, the Center moved to its present location in Washington, DC where it also gained a new president, Dr. David M. Abshire. With new leadership and expanded headquarters, CSP has increasingly engaged in programs that study, inform, and advise the federal government. 

Presidential Studies Quarterly


Presidential Studies Quarterly (PSQ) -- ISSN 0360-4918 -- is the only scholarly journal that focuses on the most powerful political figure in the world - the President of the United States. An indispensable resource for understanding the U.S. Presidency, Presidential Studies Quarterlyoffers articles, features, review essays, and book reviews covering Presidential decision making; the operations of the White House; Presidential relations with Congress, the courts, the bureaucracy, the public, and the press; and the President's involvement in public policy issues in both the domestic and international arenas.