American Association for Public Opinion Research

Website: www.aapor.org

The AAPOR was founded in 1947 by a group of dedicated public opinion research pioneers. It is a professional association of indiviudals, not organizations, who are engaged or interested in the methods and applications of public opinion and survey research.

In the main, AAPOR has occupied itself with professional matters: Public Opinion Quarterly, which became the official journal in 1948; professional standards; and above all, advancing research theory and methodology.

Executive Council (2009-10):
President: Peter V. Miller
President Elect: Frank Newport 
Past-President: Richard A. (Dick) Kulka

2010 Annual Conference:
Marriott Downtown Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, May 13-16, 2010 

Contact information:
American Association for Public Opinion Research
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Tel: (913) 895-4601 | Fax: (913) 895-4652
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