Academy of Political Science

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The Academy of Political Science (APS), founded in 1880, promotes objective, scholarly analyses of political, social, and economic issues. Through its conferences and publications, APS provides analysis and insight into both domestic and foreign policy issues.

The Academy's mission entails the continuation and broadening of the educational process. Its threefold aim is to:

  • contribute to the scholarly examination of political institutions, programs and public policies;
  • enrich political discourse and channel social science research in understandable ways to political leaders;
  • educate members of the general public and help them to become more informed participants in the democratic process.

Political Science Quarterly
Published continuously since 1886, Political Science Quarterly or PSQ is the most widely read and accessible scholarly journal covering government, politics and policy. A nonpartisan journal, PSQ is edited for both political scientists and general readers with a keen interest in public and foreign affairs. Each article is based on objective evidence and is fully refereed.

Editor: Demetrios James Caraley, Barnard College, Columbia University, [email protected]

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