African Politics Conference Group, Section 44

The purpose of this section is to promote recognition within professional associations of the theoretical and methodological contributions to the discipline of political scientists whose research and professional interests center largely or in part upon sub-Saharan Africa.

Founded: 2013
Yearly membership dues: Free for students and $10.00 for other members.
Website: http://connect.apsanet.org/s44
Newsletter: APCG Newsletter
Section Counts

Organized sections provide opportunities for APSA members who share a common interest in a particular subfield to organize meetings and coordinate communications under Association auspices.

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Section Officers

Zachariah Mampilly
Vassar College

Vice Chair
Jessica Piombo
Naval Postgraduate School

Chipo Dendere
Amherst College

Jeffrey Paller
University of San Francisco

Newsletter Editor
Keith Weghorst
Vanderbilt University
University of Nebraska, Lincoln [email protected]

2019 Annual Meeting Program Chair
Mai Hassan
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
[email protected]

Graeme Blair
University of California, Los Angeles
[email protected]

Section Awards

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Best Article Award

The APCG Best Article Committee seeks nominations for the 2018 award. All articles published in peer-reviewed journals in 2017 are eligible.

Deadline for nominations: TBA
Award Committee:


Best Book Award

The APCG Best Book Award Committee invites nominations for the 2018 award. To be eligible, books must have been published (i.e., with a copyright date) in English in 2017. Books should analyze an issue related to political science or international relations with special reference to Africa. The book should employ methodological techniques regarded as appropriate by any subgroup of contemporary political scientists. Edited volumes are not eligible. Translations of books written in a foreign language qualify if the translation was published in 2017.

Nomination Instructions: Please email the names and authors of nominated books to the committee chair, Beth Whitaker at [email protected]  Publishers should also send copies of nominated books to each committee member at the address listed below.

Deadline for Nominations: TBA
Award Committee:


Lynne Rienner Award for Best Dissertation

The APCG-Lynne Rienner Best Dissertation Award Committee invites submissions for the best dissertation in African politics 2017. The award carries a prize and is intended to recognize outstanding scholarship in African politics. Only one dissertation may be nominated per department. Dissertations that were completed and accepted in the 2016 calendar year are eligible for this award.

Deadline for Nominations: TBA
Award Committee:


Best Graduate Student Paper

The APCG-African Affairs Best Graduate Student Paper Award Committee seeks nominations for the 2016/17 award. The award carries a cash prize and is intended to recognize outstanding scholarship in African politics. Eligible papers must be nominated by a member of the APCG (self nominations not allowed), written by a graduate student, presented at the 2016 APSA, 2016 ASA, 2016 ISA, or 2016 MPSA annual meeting, and NOT hvae a co-author who holds a Ph.D.

Deadline for Nominations: TBA
Award Committee:




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