Organized Section 22: Christopher Mooney Dissertation Award
State Politics and Policy Section Award Recipients

Christopher Mooney Dissertation Award
This award is given for the best dissertation in american state politics and policy completed during the previous calendar year.

2017  Matthew N. Tokeshi, Williams College
"White Voters' Response to African American Candidate for High-Profile Statewide Offices."
2016  Chidambaram Parinandi (directed by Jenna Bednar and Charles Shipan), University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
"Devolution and Policy Experimentation under Federalism: Essays on Innovation and Emulation in the American States." 
2015  Jaclyn J. Kettler, Boise State University (Ph.D,. Rice University)
“The Right to Party (Resources): Political Party Networks and Candidate Success.” Rice University 2014 
2014 Julianna Koch, Cornell University
"States of Inequality: Government Partisanship, Public Policies, and Income Disparity in the American States, 1970-2005"
2014 Steven Rogers, Princeton University
"Accountability in a Federal System"
2013 Daniel Biggers, Yale University
2013 Jeffrey Harden, University of Colorado Boulder
2012 Jason Windett, Saint Louis University (Ph.D. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
Understanding Female Candidates and Campaigns for Governor
2011 Julianna Pacheco, Pennsylvania State University Iowa (Ph.D. Pennsylvania State University)
Dynamic Public Opinion and Policy Responsiveness in the American States
2010 Nicole Kazee, University of Illinois, Chicago (Ph.D. Yale University)
"Wal-Mart Welfare: Business, Fiscal Regimes, and the Politics of Health Policy in the American States."