Organized Section 2: Law and Courts Teaching and Mentoring Award

Law and Courts Section Award Recipients

Law and Courts Teaching and Mentoring Award

The Teaching and Mentoring Award recognizes innovative teaching and instructional methods and materials in law and courts. Examples of innovations that might be recognized by this award include (but are not limited to) outstanding textbooks, websites, classroom exercises, syllabi, or other devices designed to enhance the transmission of knowledge about law and courts to undergraduate or graduate students. The Teaching and Mentoring Award is supported by a generous contribution from the Division for Public Education of the American Bar Association. The Teaching and Mentoring Award Committee also advises the Organized Section on matters related to teaching and mentoring of students and colleagues.

2018 Bethany Blackstone, Unviersity of North Texas

2017 H.W. Perry, University of Texas
2016 Susan Haire, University of Georgia
2015 Julie Novkov, State University of New York-Albany
2014 Gerald Rosenberg, The University of Chicago
2013 Howard Gillman, University of California, Irvine
2013 Mark Graber, University of Maryland
2013 Keith Whittington, Princeton University
2012 Wendy Martinek, SUNY, Binghamton University
2011 Milton Heumann, Rutgers University
2010 Lief Carter, Colorado College
2009 Robert Kagan, University of California, Berkeley
2008 Jeffrey Segal, Stony Brook University
2007 Susette Talarico, University of Georgia
2006 Ronald Kahn, Oberlin College
2005 Lawrence Baum, Ohio State University
2004 Jerry Goldman, Northwestern University
2004 Christine Harrington, New York University
2003 Lee Epstein, Washington University
2003 Thomas Walker, Emory University
2002 Elliot Slotnick, Ohio State University