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Merze Tate / Helen Dwight Reid Award Recipients

Year Author Dissertation Submitted by
2017 Rochelle Terman Backlash: Defiance, Human Rights, and the Politics of Shame University of California, Berkeley
2016 Melissa Lee Mind the Gap? The International Sources of Sovereignty and State Weakness
Stanford University
2015 Nicholas Miller Hegemony and Nuclear Proliferation Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2014 Joshua David Kertzer Resolve in International Politics Ohio State University
2013 Aila Matanock International Insurance:  Why Militant Groups and Governments Compete with Ballots Instead of Bullets Stanford University
2012 Margaret E. Peters Open Trade, Closed Borders: Immigration Policy in the Era of Globalization Stanford University
2011 Daniel Levine Critical Wrestlings: The Problem of Sustainable Critique in International Theory Johns Hopkins University
2010 Stephen Craig Nelson Creating Credibility: the International Monetary Fund and the Neoliberal Revolution in the Developing World Cornell University
2009 Jessica Chen Weiss Powerful Patriots:  Nationalism, Dipolomacy, and the Strategic Logic of Anti-Foreign Protest University of California, San Diego
2008 Margarita Hristoforova Petrova Leadership Competition and the Creation of Norms Cornell University
2007 Jason M.K. Lyall Paths of Ruin: Why Revisionist States Arise and Die in World Politics Cornell University
2006 Alexander B. Downes Targeting Civilians in Wartime University of Chicago
2005 Emilie Marie Hafner-Burton Globalizing Human Rights? How International Trade Agreements Shape Government Repression Nuffield College, Oxford University
2004 Helen M. Kinsella The Image Before the Weapon: A Genealogy of the 'Civilian' in International Law and Politics University of Minnesota
2003 Stephen G. Brooks The Globalization of Production and International Security Yale University
2002 Tanisha Fazal Born to Lose and Doomed to Survive: State Death and Survival in the International System Stanford University
2001 Jon C. Pevehouse Democracy from Above? Regional Organizations and Democratization University of Wisconsin, Madison
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