RBSI at the Annual Meeting

Each year several RBSI students are invited to present posters at the APSA Annual Meeting. Below you will find a list of previous participants.

2017 RBSI iPoster Presentations
Sydney Carr, University of Connecticut
Where are all the Women at in Congress?: An Analysis of the Lack of Female Political Representation in the US 
Rebecca Gonzalez, Temple University
The Intersections of Latino Identity: Religion, Group Consciousness, and Immigration Policy 
Joan Joseph, Florida State University
Institutional Persistence: Colonial Legacies and Corruption
Monique Newton, Florida State University
Everythang's Corrupt: Evaluating Perceptions of Corruption and Voter Turnout in the United States
Avery Pearl, Augustana College
Black Perceptions Towards the Black Lives Matter Movement 
Rodolfo Solis, Wabash College
Intergroup Interaction and its Effect on Public Opinion 
Angie Torres, University of Central Florida
Voter Sensibility to Terrorism in the United States

2016 RBSI iPoster Presentations
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Jose Gomez, Binghamton University
Contributions in Politics: Congressman, Constituent and Donor Ideological Relationships
Jasmine Jackson, Jackson State University
The Effect of Socioeconomic Factors on African American News Media Source Preference and Political Knowledge
Heidi Obediente, University of Central Florida
It's Not Men or Women, It's Balance
Renzo Olivari, James Madison University
Linked Fate: Another American Invention?
Priscilla Torres, Loyola Marymount University
Beyond Victimization: Assessing Relief and Recovery Under UNSCR 1325
Jasmine Smith, Indiana University
Racial Biases in Sentencing? A Comparative Analysis of Sentence Length between African American and White Women
Danielle Russell, University of Connecticut
Divided on Racial Lines: The Emergence of New Racism in Public Opinion

2015 RBSI Poster Presentations
Isaura Pena, Willamette University
American Views on Immigration Policy: Do we really support the American Dream?
Kaneesha Johnson, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill       
Contextual Punishment:  Influences on Prison Entries in North Carolina
Michelle Ngirbabul, Cornell College         
The Limitations of Health-Specific ODA: Revisiting Plans to Save the World
Marty Davidson, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill            
Traffic Stops and Court Fees: How Local Municipalities Balance Their Budget
Alexis Schramm, University of Cincinnati             
Red Equal Sign: Social Connections and Political Support for Marriage Equality
Jesiel Diaz Colon, Universidad de Puerto Rico     
The Effect of Constitutional Amendments over Diverse Aspects of Governance

2014 RBSI Poster Presentations
Elizabeth J. Davies, Emory University
“Protest, Politics, and Hashtag Activists: Civic Engagement and Social Media”
Ariam Kiflemariam, Cornell College
“Black Political Engagement and the 2012 Election: What Predicts Black Political Engagement and Participation?”
Angelica Loyd, Wright State University
“Clash of the Titans: European Nationalism vs. Immigrants”
Jasmine Noel, Drew University
“Ethnic Identity: Perceptions of Discrimination among 1980 Cuban and Haitian Refugees”
Rachel Russell, Texas Christian University
"The Great Divide: Exploring Factors that Play a Role in Choice of Mental Health Care Treatment among American Indians and Alaska Natives"

2013: Presentations in different format

2012 RBSI Poster Presentations
Desiree Anderson, Randolph-Macon College
Our Races Do Not Matter Anymore: Americans, United Against the War
Renata Barreto-Montenegro, Reed College
Assimilation Reconsidered: The Effect of Transnational Network on the Civic Engagement of 1.5 and 2nd Generation Americans
Angie Bautista-Chavez, Rice University
Principals and Immigrant Parents: Linking Descriptive Representation and School Policy
Jasmine Brooks, Augustana College
A Thin Line Between Love & Hate: The State’s Role in Mandating Arrest Policies
Julia Cramer, James Madison University
Finding Their Voice: Minority Perceptions of Media Bias and Their Effect on Political Participation
Angel Mira, University of Notre Dame
Revisiting Black Poverty: Are Latinos the New Enemy?
Patricia Posey, University of Florida
Location Means Participation: An Analysis of the Proportion of Latinos in States and Their Rates of Participation
Patricia Sidbury, Virginia State University
Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?: An Analysis of the Contact Theory on the Attitudes Towards Homosexuals
Laurie Tumaneng, University of Guam
The ParticipAsian Problem: Exploring Low Political Participation among Asian Americans
Lonald Wishom, Weber State University
From Planning a Prom to Having the World in Your Palms: The Link Between Student Government and Political Participation 

2011 RBSI Poster Presentations
Kristal Davis, Eastern Michigan University
Bridging Geographical, Racial, and Political Divides? Public Attitudes and the Future of Metropolitan Detroit
Meka Este-McDonald,  Stanford University
Expanding the Hurwitz/Peffley Model: How Race Shapes Public Opinion on Foreign Aid
Ashley Nelcy García, University of Texas at Austin
Mexicanos al Grito de Guerra: What is causing the drug war in México?
Dirk Michael Horn, California State University, Bakersfield
Political Freedom, Corruption, Public Institutions, and Economic Growth: A Global Analysis Since the Fall of the Soviet Union
Brianna Nicole Mack, Emory University
Where Did The Mule Go? Analyzing Linked Fate Trends within the 40-and-under Black Population
Vanessa Quince, Binghamton University
All Work and No Pay: The Effect of Tourism on Workers' Rights.
Brennan Robinson, University of Delaware
The Color Line: How Skin Color Affects Latinos' Perceptions of Commonality
Samuel Nickolas Sinyangwe, Stanford University
Public Perceptions of Barack Obama’s Race and the Effect of Obama’s Race on Public Support for his Presidency
Sanata Sy-Sahande, University of Maryland, College Park
Foreign Direct Investment: Solution or Problem? The Economic Dimensions of Ethnic Conflict in Africa
Dilara Kadriye Uskup, University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
The (Black) Woman in the Mirror: Determining the Relationship between Internalized Body Image & Sexual Risk Taking Behaviors in African American Women

2010 RBSI Poster Presentations
David Cortez 
Latino Americanism: Military Presence in the Barrio and in the Home
Muhammed Idris 
The Bigger They Are The Harder They Fall: The link between Economic Sanctions and Integration
Hakeem Jefferson 
It’s Not Just the Economy, Stupid!: White Racial Attitudes toward Hispanics and Anti-Immigration Affect
Guillermo Rodriguez
In Too Deep: Latino Homeowners’ Financial Distress and its Effect on Political Participation
Yunuen Rodriguez 
Assessing the Role of Skin Color among White Latinos and its Effects on Group Consciousness
Jessica Ross
Robots in the Classroom: Accountability, Curriculum, and Instruction in High-Poverty Schools
Sheri Sullivan
How You Say It…Where You Say It: The Influence of Media Cues in the 2008 Presidential Election
Jacqueline Lindsay Tello
Throwing Money at the Problem: An In-Depth Analysis of the Effects of United States Foreign Aid on Human Rights in Latin America
Chris Wall
Legitimacy and Self-succession: The Paradox of the Latin American President
Julian Wamble
All Work & No Race?: Linked Fate in the Work Place

2009 RBSI Poster Presentations
Jesse Atencio, Washington University in St. Louis
Ethnic Diversity and Overurbanization in the Middle East: (Originally) Benign Differences with (Hidden) Political Consequences
Jamaal Barnes, St. John's College
Supreme Strategizing: The Nominating President, The Confirming Senate, and the Delayed Supreme Court Justice
Lashonda BrensonUniversity of Rochester
Do Different Faces = Different Perspectives? The Study of Intersectionality among African American Congresswomen during the 103rd and 105th Congresses
LaGina Gause, Howard University
Zero Tolerance and Academic Performance: When Fear Dictates School Culture
Victoria Jackson, Pennsylvania State University
The Chavez Effect: Public Opinion in Venezuela
Ashley Lagaron, University of Florida
An Incomplete Evolution: Evangelical Minorities, Cultural Values, and Issue Evolution
Maisha RashidBarnard College
Testing Our Tolerance: American Attitudes toward Limitations on the First Amendment Rights of Arab and Muslim Americans
Camillia Redding, University of Rochester
Traditional Measures for Untraditional Legislators: Legislative Effectiveness of African Americans in the 103rd and 105th Congresses
Mariela RodriguezGeorgia State University
Aid and Democratization: At the Intersection of Africa's Crisis
Jennifer Tejada, Connecticut College
Broken Promises: Neoliberalism in Latin America
Rebecca Bakre, University of Maryland, College Park
Judicial Poker Faces: Hidden Strategies of Civil Rights in the Supreme Court

2008 RBSI Poster Presentations
Jeanette C. Bustamante, University of Colorado, Boulder
Naturalized Latino Citizen Voter Turnout: The Effects of the Country of Origin’s Political System on the Citizen’s Previous Political Participation
Carolina Ferrerosa, University of Virginia
“Welcome to the State of . . .” Contact Theory and Immigration Legislation in U.S. State General Assemblies
Aisha Fukushima, Whitman College
Privileged Minorities? Multiracial Americans, Racial Triangulation, Whitening and the One Drop Rule
Chris Jarmon, Lamar University
Differences in Religiosity and Political Participation between African American Generations
Jimari Lee Jones, University of Georgia
Does Race Affect Attitudes on Foreign Policy?
Sammone Kidd, Truman State University
What Explains Variation of Women’s Representation in Sub-Saharan Africa’s Parliaments?
Yalidy M. Matos, Connecticut College
Pan-Latino Identity: Does it Exist?
Taneisha Nicole Means, John Carroll University
The Effects of Demographics on Public Opinions about the Proper Roles of State Courts
Breanca Thomas, University of Oklahoma
The Ignored Minority: Teachers’ Effects on the Low-Income White Student Achievement Gap in U. S. Public Schools

2007 RBSI Poster Presentations
Leslee Brooke Mcknight, University of Connecticut 
The Influence of Hurricane Katrina on Levels of Public Trust in Government
Lawrence Walker, University of Maryland at College Park
"Black Nationalism and Political Participation"
Andy Canales, Pepperdine University
Latino Support for the Iraq War: Exploring the Dynamics of Public Opinion Between U.S. born Latinos and foreign-born Latinos
Mai Omer HassanUniversity of Virginia
"Motivations for Political Participation in Sub-Saharan Africa"
Carolyn Yvette BarnesVirginia Tech
Welfare Reform: Elite Politics or Public Opinion
Christopher C. TowlerUniversity of Colorado, Boulder
"Black Educated" & "Educated Blacks": A Discussion on Political Participation
Rachel M. Gillum, University of Washington
"Lebanese Political Dynamics: Power versus Opinion"
Giselle Sedano, Cornell University
Women in Peru and the Development of the Informal Sector of Political Participation: Effects and Possibilities
Jessica Morales, Rosemont College
"Not On Our Watch: Political Knowledge, Public Opinion, and Genocide."
Makdyanet Cedeño, The University of Vermont
Residential Segregation: Why Do Whites, Latinos, and Asians see African Americans as Undesirable Neighbors?
The Effect of Socioeconomic Factors on African American News Media Source Preference and Political Knowledge
The Effect of Socioeconomic Factors on African American News Media Source Preference and Political Knowledge