Teaching Websites

C-SPAN in the Classroom

Information and resources to assist educators in their use of primary sources and public affairs videos from C-SPAN television. 

Frontline Teacher's Center

Classroom activities that incorporate clips from Frontline PBS news stories. Includes lesson plans and web-exclusive resources.

Choices Education Program, Brown University
The Choices Educaton Program develops teaching resources and curricula on a variety of international issues incorporating scholarship from Brown University. The program also provides professional development opportunities for educators. 

The Chronicle of Higher Education: The Faculty Column
This column in the Chronicle of Higher Education covers a range of issues facing faculty across the country. 

Digital Classroom: U.S. National Arvices and Records Administration
This site features archival including documents and images for use in the classroom. It also includes lesson plan resources. 

Electronic Hallway: University of Washington
Run by the Evans School for Public Policy and Governance at the University of Washington, this site provides an online repository of teaching cases and other curriculum materials for faculty who teach public administration, public policy, and related subjects.

Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance
This site presents resources for exploring world democracy issues and facts. Includes a section on global voter turnout statistics.

Online Portal for Social Science Education Methodology
The Online Portal for Social Science Education Methodology (OPOSSEM) includes instructional materials and tools, workshops, and a forum on teaching political science research methods.

Public Agenda
This site provides online resources including research studies and issue guides produced by an unbiased, objective quarter-century old organization of the same name.

Constitution Day & Citizenship Day Resources
APSA maintains a list of resources for Constitution Day & Citizenship Day.