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Distinguished Teaching Award

The APSA Distinguished Teaching Award honors the outstanding contribution to undergraduate and graduate teaching of political science at two- and four-year institutions. The contribution may span several years or an entire career, or it may be a single project of exceptional impact. The award carries a $1,000 prize.

The award was created on the recommendation of APSA's Teaching and Learning Committee and has been endowed through generous gifts from APSA members. It signals the central role of teaching in the profession.   

List of all APSA Distinguished Teaching Recipients

Kerstin Hamann, University of Central Florida

Dick Simpson, University of Illinois, Chicago


  • Anonymous
  • Barbara B. Bardes
  • Harold F. Bass
  • John C. Berg
  • Mitchell Brown
  • Michelle Deardorff
  • Mary H. Durfee
  • Welling Hall
  • Kim Quaile Hill
  • Karen M. Hult
  • John Ishiyama
  • Tobe Johnson
  • Jane Y. Junn
  • Melvin A. Kahn
  • Gary Klass
  • David B. Magleby
  • L. Sandy Maisel
  • Alison McCartney
  • Richard G. Niemi
  • Elinor Ostrom
  • Carole Pateman
  • William D. Pederson
  • Dianne M. Pinderhughes
  • Philip H. Pollock III
  • Barbara A. Presnall
  • Erin E. Richards
  • Mark Carl Rom
  • Kay Lehman Schlozman
  • Theda Skocpol
  • Rogers Smith
  • James A. Thurber
  • Pamela A. Zeiser

Fund Leaders

  • Elizabeth A. Bennion
  • Thomas R. Dye
  • Morris Fiorina
  • Ole R. Holsti
  • Kenneth Janda
  • Calvin C. Jillson
  • Nancy S. Love
  • Henry R. Nau
  • Larry J. Sabato
  • W. Phillips Shively
  • Robert J. Spitzer
  • Susan Welch
  • James Q. Wilson

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2019 Distinguished Teaching Award Committee

Chair: Maureen C. Feeley
University of California, San Diego
[email protected]

Dr. Laura A. Henry
Bowdoin College
[email protected]

H. W. Perry, Jr.
University of Texas at Austin
[email protected]

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