Slovak Political Science Association

The Slovak Political Science Association (SPSA) was re-established in 1990. It existed for a short time from 1968-69 and was incorporated in the officially recognized Czechoslovak Political Science Association that worked during the communist period of so-called normalization from 1969 to 1989. The SPSA is the Slovakia based successor association accepted as collective member of the International Political Science Association (IPSA). Today more than 130 members of the SPSA include scholars, researchers and students in political science; sociology; history; law; journalism; international relations; other disziplines and professions. Many members are active in sub-fields such as political culture; modern history; political sociology; conflict resolution. The interest in membership is increasing as political science continues to develop at the Slovak universities and research institutions.

President: Dagmar Horna, [email protected] 
Secretary:  Mr. Grigorij Meseznikov, Institute for Public Affair (IVO) 
[email protected]

Contact information:
Tel: 421-2-5443-4030
Fax: 421-2-5443-4041