New Zealand Political Studies Association

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The New Zealand Political Studies Association was formed in Christchurch in September 1974. The first conference of the Association was held in Wellington in May 1976. It met in Auckland in August 1977, and held its third conference in Christchurch in May 1980. Since then it has developed an into an annual  conference that is held on a rotational basis at the different politics departments in New Zealand.

For a number of years the NZPSA was an affiliate of the Australasian Political Studies Association (APSA). This affiliation gave the NZPSA the right to elect a member to the APSA executive and led to the joint holding of the NZPSA and APSA Conferences at the University of Canterbury in 1999 and at the University of Otago in 2005. When the APSA AGM voted in 2007 to transform itself into the Australian Political Studies Association this affiliation came to an end, although links with the Australian PSA have nonetheless been maintained so that we continue to provide members rates at each others’ conferences.

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