Italian Political Science Association

Website: www.sisp.it/

The Italian Political Science Association (SISP) supports and encourages cooperation in research and training among individual political scientists in Italy and across nations. It also helps to sustain and promote the activities of academic institutions and research centres in all sectors of political science.

It was established in 1981 as a non-profit, scholarly association to replace the Italian Section of Political Science that Giovanni Sartori and Norberto Bobbio had founded in 1973 with the Italian Association of Political and Social Sciences.

President: Mauro Calise, [email protected]
Vice-president: Fulvio Attina, [email protected]

Rivista Italiana di Scienze Politica

Contact information:
SISP c/o Dipartimento di Sociologia 
Vico Monte di Pietà, 1
80138 - NAPOLI 
Tel: +39 081 2535877 
Fax: +39 081 2535849 

[email protected]