Articles by CFP Fellows in PS: Political Science and Politics

Symposium: Reflections on 65 Years of the APSA Congressional Fellowship Program   

This symposium features a selection of articles from members of the 2015-2016 Congressional Fellowship class. Edited by Frances Lee (CFP 2002-2003), the symposium also features reflections by Bruce Oppenheimer (CFP 1974-1975) and Dan Stid (CFP 1995-1996) on the fellowship experience. Articles from 2015-2016 fellows Brian Alexander, Travis Johnston, Thomas Ringenberg, Lisa Hager, Mark E. Owens, Justin S. Brown, and Nicholas O. Howard span a range of topics on the workings of Congress and the impact of the Congressional Fellowship Program experience. Read the symposium here.

Recent PS Articles by CFP Alumni        

Alex Garlick (CFP 2016-2017), "Mercy and Malice: An Inside View of the Push to
Repeal and Replace Obamacare" (April 2018).

Jeremy Gelman (CFP 2017-2018), "If Congress Is So Dysfunctional, Why Is Its Staff So Busy? A Congressional Fellow’s Perspective" (April 2018)

Sarah Khasawinah (CFP 2015-2016), "Pursuit of Peace and Happiness: A Fellow’s View of the Sociopolitical Underpinnings of Pluralism in Canada" (October 2016).

Kara Zivin (CFP 2013-2014), "Congressional Fellowship Program: Improving Care for Behavioral Health Conditions under the Affordable Care Act: The View from a Health and Aging Policy Fellow" (July 2016).

Paulina S. Rippere (CFP 2014-2015), "Sensemaking in the Senate: A Congressional Fellow's Perspective of Life on the Hill" (April 2016).

Laura Blessing (CFP 2014-2015), "Practice and Theory: How Experiencing the Political Process Can Inform Scholarship" (October 2015).

Ian Ostrander (CFP 2012-2013), "The Value of Time in the US Senate: A Fellow's Perspective on Obstruction" (July 2015).

Nadine Braunstein (CFP 2013-2014), "A Health Professional's Political Science Education: Lessons from a Congressional Fellowship" (April 2015).

Jonathan Swan (CFP 2014-2015), "An APSA Fellow's Journey from Down Under to the Hill" (January 2015).