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Departmental Services Program

The APSA Departmental Services Program assists political science teaching, scholarship, and service by providing resources for department chairs; data and reports on the profession; forums for departments to address common issues; and services for chairs, faculty, and students. A list of all APSA member departments can be found here

To become a departmental member, please visit our Departmental Membership Benefits page or contact [email protected].

Departmental Resources

New Department Member Benefits! 

The APSA Departmental Services Program is pleased to offer the following new benefits for department members starting in the 2016-2017 academic year: 

Please see below and also visit our membership page to see the full range of department benefits and to sign up for membership today.

Meetings and Workshops

The Departmental Services Program holds several events at APSA annual meetings to support political science departments in their work. Department chairs are invited each year by the Departmental Services Program to a luncheon at the Annual Meeting where participants discuss current issues facing departments. 

2016 Annual Meeting Chairs Workshop & Luncheon 
The 2016 workshop discussed department leadership strategies. Topics included: how best to identify, recruit, and retain faculty leaders at all levels of department administration; why leadership succession plans and recruitment strategies are important; how to prevent burnout; strategies for negotiating administrative leadership contracts; and balancing research, teaching, and administrative responsibilities.

Jobs & Careers in Political Science

eJobs: The eJobs platform is the most comprehensive database of jobs related to political science and is accessible to all members. The database is updated daily with new job listings and candidate resumes, and is fully searchable by field of interest, employer or candidate name, region, keyword, position, salary, institution type, and most recent postings. Departmental members gain free access to the eJobs platform and may post jobs at no additional charge.

Interview Service: APSA provides space for employers who have posted an eJobs listing to interview candidates at the annual meeting. The service is provided as a complimentary member benefit to Departmental Services members with posted eJobs. Please contact [email protected] with any questions.

Careers Resources: Resources aimed at undergraduate and graduate students are available through APSA. There are both online and printable materials available here.

External Review Program for Department Assessment

An external review is a means by which a department assesses its current state and effectiveness, and develops goals and strategies to guide its future. This provides a unique opportunity for a department to consider the experience, expertise, and perspective of the academy at large through the engagement of outside participants who comprise the external review team.

As a resource for APSA departmental members seeking external review, the Departmental Services Program maintains a list of faculty who have volunteered to serve as reviewers. To request names of potential reviewers, please contact [email protected]. If you would like to volunteer as a reviewer, please submit your information here.

Data and Reports on the Profession

APSA offers data and reports on various aspects of the profession. Visit our data on the profession page for information on employment, political science enrollments, majors, degrees, and more.

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