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APSA Mentoring Program

APSA seeks mentors for the 2016-2017 school year.

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January is National Mentor Month

Read the 2016 presidential proclamation.

About the APSA Mentor Program

The APSA Council established the Task Force on Mentoring in 2002 to address issues of recruitment, retention, and integration of women and people of color in the profession—especially younger political scientists, both graduate students and younger faculty. A major goal of the task force—which was comprised of members of the women's caucus and APSA status committees—was to create a mentoring program that could also provide general professional advice and support that is the heart of mentoring for all political scientists. As a result the APSA Mentoring Program was created in 2003 and connects undergraduate, graduate students, and junior faculty from all backgrounds to experienced and senior members of the profession for professional development support on academic and career topics. 

The Matching Process

APSA accepts mentor requests for professional advice and for short-term and long-term mentoring. Given your stated preferences and mentor question(s), we do our best to find a suitable mentor match.

Matched mentees and mentors must agree to engage in the mentoring process in a professional and courteous fashion. Please respond to emails or phone calls in a timely fashion in order to move the mentoring process along in a productive manner. Mentors and mentees should discuss communication and time commitment expectations prior to engaging in the mentoring process. 

If you are ready to be a mentor or request a mentor, click below to access the forms. 

Please send any further questions regarding mentoring to [email protected].

2016 Adaljiza Sosa-Riddell Mentoring Awards

Dr. Jane Junn, University of Southern California: 2016 award for mentoring junior faculty

Dr. Jodi Finkel, Loyola Marymount University: 2016 award for mentoring undergraduates

These two recipients received a non-monetary certificate and were recognized at committee on the status of Latinos y Latinas in the profession's annual meeting reception. 

If you have any questions, please direct them to the Diversity and Inclusion Programs Director, Kimberly Mealy.

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