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Author Resources

  • Fair Use Best Practices (Center for Social Media, American University): This guide identifies four situations that represent the current consensus within the community of communication scholars about acceptable practices for the fair use of copyrighted materials.
  • Register for an ORCID iD: To connect research and researchers, ORCID has created an identifier that authors and researchers can use with their names to maintain transparent and trustworthy connections between researchers, their contributions, and their affiliations. Learn more here.
  • Find Publishing Ethics Resources: COPE is a forum for editors and publishers of peer reviewed journals to discuss all aspects of publication ethics. It also advises editors on how to handle cases of research and publication misconduct. Read more about COPE here.
  • The Scholarly Kitchen: Read daily publishing tips and updates, ideas, and advice from the scholarly publishing world.
  • Chicago Manual of Style: Search and consult the industry standard publishing manual (and the manual on which APSA style is based).
  • CrossRef: Read about a not-for-profit membership organization that works to make scholarly publishing accessible.
  • Cambridge Core: Learn more about becoming an author with Cambridge University Press on their new and improved online journal interface here. Cambridge also offers the Author Hub to provide more tools to authors.
  • 6 Steps to Publishing: Publisher Taylor & Francis offers six helpful steps to publishing. Read the steps and more here.

APSA Guides and Manuals

These guides are valuable resources for our members, and they are provided free for download on this page.

APSA Ethics Guide

Guide to Professional Ethics in Political Science (2nd ed. revised 2012)

The APSA Guide to Professional Ethics in Political Science provides guidelines for professional standards and responsibilities, including principles for professional conduct related to publishing.


APSA Style Guide

Style Manual for Political Science (revised 2006)

Currently under revision, the APSA Style Manual for Political Science provides guidelines for submission policies, grammar, usage, and citation.




Publishing Political Science: APSA Guide to Writing and Publishing (2008)

Edited by Stephen Yoder (former Managing Editor of PS: Political Science & Politics), this first volume in APSA's "State of the Profession" book series, provides practical advice from leading political scientists and publishers.

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