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Perspectives on Politics

A Political Science Public Sphere

Perspectives on Politics seeks to provide a space for broad and synthetic discussion within the political science profession and between the profession and the broader scholarly and reading publics. Such discussion necessarily draws on and contributes to the scholarship published in the more specialized journals that dominate our discipline. At the same time, Perspectives seeks to promote a complementary form of broad public discussion and synergistic understanding within the profession that is essential to advancing research and promoting scholarly community.

Perspectives seeks to nurture a political science public sphere, publicizing important scholarly topics, ideas, and innovations, linking scholarly authors and readers, and promoting broad reflexive discussion among political scientists about the work that we do and why this work matters.


Recent Editor's Report

Current Issue: Volume 14, Issue 4

About the December Issue: About the December Issue: This issue contains a number of articles and essays that exemplify a pluralism of methods. The issue also contains many pieces that reflect on the theme of methodological pluralism. This issue’s lead article, Matthew A. Kocher and Nuno P. Monteiro, “Lines of Demarcation: Causation, Design-Based Inference, and Historical Research,” addresses these issues head-on, by offering a critique of some of the limits of the trend towards “design-based inference” in comparative politics. Articles explore discursive organizational dynamics, writing biographies, and field work challenges in war zones. Several insightful “Reflections” essays, book review symposia, and review essays.

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