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The Minority Fellowship Program

The Minority Fellows Program (MFP) is a fellowship competition for individuals from underrepresented backgrounds applying to or in the early stages of doctoral programs in political science. The MFP was established in 1969 (originally as the Black Graduate Fellowship) to increase the number of minority scholars in the discipline. Each year, APSA awards up to 12 funded fellowships in the amount of $4,000. Recently, APSA introduced a new spring round of the MFP awards for graduate students in the pre-dissertation stage of their career. This year the spring cycle MFP awards are available in the form of a one-time award ranging between $500-$1500 (depending upon funding availability), to support expenses related to PhD graduate study for first and second year political science PhD students from underrepresented groups.

2018-2019 APSA Minority Fellows Program

Fall 2018 Minority Program Bios

2017-2018 Minority Fellowship Program Bios

Fall cycle

  • Feyaad Allie, Dartmouth College
  • Kimberly Cardenas, Cornell University
  • Stephanie Chan, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
  • Kennia Coronado (RBSI 2015), University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • Jose Gomez (RBSI 2016), Binghamton University
  • Nicauris Heredia (RBSI 2016), Rhode Island College
  • Jasmine C. Jackson (RBSI 2016), Jackson State University
  • Stefan Martinez-Ruiz, Georgia State University
  • Alex Munoz, Southern Methodist University
  • Adrienne Scott, Brooklyn College
  • Naomi Tolbert (RBSI 2016), Southern Illinois University of Carbondale
  • Priscilla Torres (RBSI 2016), Loyola Marymount University
  • Donovan A. Watts, Central Michigan University
  • Justin Zimmerman, University of Alabama

Spring cycle

  • Cameryn Blackmore, University of Alabama
  • Abigail Bowen, Georgia State University
  • Margaret Brower, University of Chicago
  • Jared Clemons, The George Washington University
  • Cameron Cook, University of Chicago
  • Olivia Cook, Auburn University
  • Martin Davidson (RBSI 2016), University of Michigan
  • Cynthia Duncan, University of South Carolina
  • Gabrielle Gray, Howard University
  • Kaneesha Johnson (RBSI 2015), Harvard University
  • Gregory John Leslie, Jr., University of California, Los Angeles
  • Vivien Leung, University of California, Los Angeles
  • Sean Luna McAdams, Princeton University
  • Pamela Adaugo Nwakanma, Harvard University
  • Maricruz Osorio, University of California, Riverside
  • Shannon Parker, Harvard University
  • Evangel Penumaka, University of California, Los Angeles
  • Darry Powell-Young, Wayne State University
  • Liana Eustacia Reyes-Reardon, Rice University
  • Rosalie Rubio, The George Washington University
  • Tye Rush, University of California, Los Angeles
  • Travis N. Taylor, University of Kentucky
  • Rachel Torres, University of Iowa
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