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Interdisciplinary Membership

What is it?
As a member of APSA, you may join any of our sister associations at the same time that you join or renew your APSA membership. APSA has arranged with the American Historical Association (AHA), and the International Political Science Association (IPSA), to allow multiple memberships without breaking your bank.

Who is eligible?
Individual members of APSA, AHA, ASA and IPSA.

How does it work?
You must be a full/regular member of one of the above associations. If that is the case, you can join any or all of the others at the discounted rates listed below with full membership benefits.

How do I join?
APSA members: Sign up for the associations of your choice now!

Interested in joining ASA? Click here to join!

AHA/ASA/IPSA members: Contact your primary membership association and join through them (so they can verify your primary membership for APSA).

What do I get?

American Historical Association
As a member of AHA, you will receive the following publications: The American Historical Review; Perspectives; AHA Annual Meeting Program. You will also receive special member prices for other publications. AHA Associate Member Dues $93.00

American Sociological Association
An ASA membership includes associate (non-voting) membership for 2016 (January 1-December 31, 2016), a print subscription to the American Sociological Review journal, online access to all ASA journals, the TRAILS database of teaching resources, and other benefits of membership. ASA Associate membership dues: $85.00

International Political Science Association
As a member of IPSA, you will receive a subscription to the International Political Science Review (five issues per year) and to Participation, the magazine of IPSA (one or two issues per year). IPSA membership runs from January 1st to December 31st of each year. You will receive all publications printed during the year of your membership, including past issues of the current year.

IPSA Member Dues: $170 professional (2years), $120 Senior (2years), $50 student (1year) $80 student (2year), $1,300 Lifetime

An optional subscription to the International Political Science Abstracts is also offered at a 50% reduced price to current and new members of IPSA. The subscription includes all six issues published during the calendar year between January and December.

International Political Science Abstracts (optional subscription): $96.00 (1-year), $192.00 (2-years)

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