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American Political Science Review

The Leading Journal of Political Science Research

The American Political Science Review is political science's premier scholarly research journal, providing peer-reviewed articles and review essays from subfields throughout the discipline. Areas covered include political theory, American politics, public policy, public administration, comparative politics, and international relations. APSR has published continuously since 1906.

Meet the Editors!

Thomas Koenig, University of Mannheim, Lead Editor

Ken Benoit, London School of Economics and Political Science
Thomas Brauninger, University of Mannheim
Sabine Carey, University of Mannheim
Leigh Jenco, London School of Economics and Political Science
Benjamin Lauderdale, London School of Economics and Political Science
Ingo Rohlfing, University of Cologne

Editorial Board and Editorial Staff

Recent Editor's Report

Current Issue: Volume 110, Issue 2, May 2016

Note from the Editors: As we wind down as editors of the Review (we are responsible for the remainder of this issue year, but hand off submissions to our successor in the summer), we are very pleased to offer, in this issue, a number of articles that we believe will have an important impact on our field. In this issue of the Review, as with previous issues, we present articles that ask important questions for both scholars and practitioners, such as, How do authoritarian leaders develop strategies of repression? Why do individuals join ethnic insurgencies? What role can civic organizations play in promoting political participation? Are there more efficient and replicable ways to code “expert” data? What does “representation” really mean?

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