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Throwback Thursdays: #APSA2013 Reception Honoring Teaching – Chicago, Ill.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

The #APSA2013 Annual Meeting took place at the Palmer House Hilton in Chicago, Ill. Below are some highlights of the Reception Honoring Teaching.

APSA Highlights Centennial Center Grant Scholar, Kara Alaimo

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Kara Alaimo, Ph.D. is Assistant Professor in the Department of Journalism, Media Studies, and Public Relations at Hofstra University. In 2014, she received a Centennial Center grant from the Presidency Research Fund to present her research on the leaking of unauthorized information to the press by federal government officials at the Association for Education in […]

Data Access and Research Transparency Initiative (DA-RT)

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Over the past few months, APSA members have participated in an extensive discussion of the values, risks, and implementation strategies involved in the desire to enhance the transparency and interpretability of empirically-based scholarship.  The immediate impetus, and shorthand, for this discussion is the Data Access and Research Transparency (DA-RT) initiative.  We want first to acknowledge […]

Meet The New Council Members: Congressman Dave Obey (Ret.)

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Congressman Dave Obey represented Wisconsin’s 7th Congressional District in the House of Representatives for 42 years. He is the longest serving member of Congress in Wisconsin history. Of the over 10,000 men and women who have served in the House in the nation’s history, only 21 have served longer. When he was first elected on […]

Career Encounters: David Richmond

Monday, November 23, 2015

David Richmond is the Department Chair of the Social Studies Department at Centennial High School in Bakersfield, Calif. My first contact with political science was Watergate and I was 13 years old and I wanted to be outside and my mother made me sit in the house in the summer of 1974 and watched those […]

APSA News & Updates

Replication and Data Research Transparency (DA-RT)

Providing appropriate access to evidence, and research transparency or interpretability, are among the most important topics in the social sciences today. Recent discussions of implementation of guidelines in social science journals are engaging many APSA members and revealing many compelling views. Therefore, we provide a variety of materials to inform this vital discussion. You can read the presidents’ statement on implementation of guidelines in the APSR and leave your comments, questions, and suggestions at the end of the article.

Apply Now for an APSA Congressional Fellowship

Deadline extended to December 20, 2015!

Call for Applications: APSA 2016 MENA Workshops
APSA is applications from Ph.D. students interested in joining 2016 MENA Workshops program. Deadline is December 20, 2015. Apply here.
APSA 2016 Annual Meeting Call for Proposals are Open
The Call for Proposals is now open! The deadline to submit proposals is January 8, 2016.
Apply to the Ralph Bunche Summer Institute (RBSI) Program
RBSI encourages students to pursue academic careers in political science by enhancing writing, research, and analytical skills. Deadline is January 16. Apply here.  

A Proposal for a New APSA Journal
APSA proposes adding a new online-only open access journal to its publication portfolio. This journal will be free of all paywalls or subscription requirements, meaning that it will be accessible to anyone in the world with an Internet connection. Read the proposal.

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