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Retiring U.S. Congresman Rush Holt to Lead AAAS
American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) (November 18, 2014)
Broader Impacts: Improving Society
National Science Foundation (November 12, 2014)
Younger voters may make climate an issue in 2016
USA Today (November 7, 2014)
Decision 2014: The Higher-Ed Outlook
Chronicle of Higher Education (November 5, 2014)
What a GOP-Led Congress Means for Higher Ed
Inside Higher Education (November 5, 2014)

Implications fo the 2014 Midterm Election Results
Mischiefs of Faction (November 5, 2014)
Why Did Republicans Outperform the Polls?
Mischiefs of Faction (November 5, 2014)
Dealing with the Press
Inside Higher Education (November 5, 2014)
Would a GOP Senate Make a Difference?
Washington Post (November 4, 2014)
The Tea Party's Anti-Washington Consensus
Washington Post (October 19, 2014)
President Obama honors nation's top scientists and innovators
National Science Foundation (October 3, 2014)


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Creating opportunities for excellence in political science

APSA Statement on Field Experiments and Research Integrity in Political Science

Improving Public Perceptions of Political Science's Value
Read the new APSA task force report, which identifies means by which individual scholars and professional organizations can make political science’s insights and discoveries more accessible, more relevant, and more valuable to more people. 

APSA Congressional Fellowship Program 
The APSA Congressional Fellowship Program invites applications for the 2015-16 class until December 15, 2014! Founded in 1953, the CFP is the nation's oldest and most prestigious congressional fellowship. Decades later, the program remains devoted to its original objective of expanding knowledge and awareness of Congress. 

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