APSA Presidents and Presidential Addresses: 1903 to Present

The APSA president guides APSA and the Council in its discussions and policies and serves to represent APSA in a variety of venues. Below are the names, institutions, and dates of service for each of the APSA presidents since 1903. In addition, every year at the Annual Meeting, the president delivers a presidential address, which is later published in an APSA journal. The addresses delivered from 1903 to 2001 were published in the American Political Science Review, and the addresses delivered since 2002 have been published in Perspectives on Politics.


President University/Affiliation Dates
John Ishiyama University of North Texas  Present-2022
Janet Box-Steffensmeier The Ohio State University 2020-2021
Paula D. McClain Duke University 2019-2020
Rogers Smith University of Pennsylvania 2018-2019
Kathleen Thelen Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2017-2018
David Lake University of California, San Diego 2016-2017
Jennifer Hochschild Harvard University 2015-2016
Rodney E. Hero University of California, Berkeley 2014-2015
John Aldrich Duke University 2013-2014
Jane Mansbridge Harvard University 2012-2013
G. Bingham Powell, Jr. University of Rochester 2011-2012
Carole Pateman University of California, Los Angeles 2010-2011
Henry Brady University of California, Berkeley 2009-2010
Peter Katzenstein Cornell University 2008-2009
Dianne Pinderhughes University of Notre Dame 2007-2008
Robert Axelrod University of Michigan 2006-2007
Ira Katznelson Columbia University 2005-2006
Margaret Levi University of Washington 2004-2005
Susanne Hoeber Rudolph University of Chicago 2003-2004
Theda Skocpol Harvard University 2002-2003
Robert D. Putnam Harvard University 2001-2002
Robert Jervis Columbia University 2000-2001
Robert O. Keohane Duke University 1999-2000
Matthew Holden Jr. Isaiah T. Montgomery Studies Project, Inc. 1998-1999
M. Kent Jennings University of California, Santa Barbara 1997-1998
Elinor Ostrom Indiana University 1996-1997
Arend Lijphart University of California, San Diego 1995-1996
Sidney Verba Harvard University 1994-1995
Charles O. Jones University of Wisconsin 1993-1994
Lucius J. Barker Stanford University 1992-1993
James Q. Wilson University of California, Los Angeles 1991-1992
Theodore J. Lowi Cornell University 1990-1991
Judith N. Shklar Harvard University 1989-1990
Lucian W. Pye Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1988-1989
Kenneth N. Waltz University of California, Berkeley 1987-1988
Samuel P. Huntington Harvard University 1986-1987
Aaron B. Wildavsky University of California, Berkeley 1985-1986
Richard F. Fenno University of Rochester 1984-1985
Philip E. Converse University of Michigan 1983-1984
William H. Riker University of Rochester 1982-1983
Seymour Martin Lipset Stanford University 1981-1982
Charles E. Lindblom Yale University 1980-1981
Warren E. Miller University of Michigan 1979-1980
Leon D. Epstein University of Wisconsin-Madison 1978-1979
John C. Wahlke University of Iowa 1977-1978
Samuel H. Beer Harvard University 1976-1977
James MacGregor Burns Williams College 1975-1976
Austin Ranney University of Wisconsin 1974-1975
Avery Leiserson Vanderbilt University 1973-1974
Robert E. Ward University of Michigan 1972-1973
Heinz Eulau Stanford University 1971-1972
Robert E. Lane Yale University 1970-1971
Karl W. Deutsch Harvard University 1969-1970
David Easton University of Chicago 1968-1969
Merle Fainsod Harvard University 1967-1968
Robert A. Dahl Yale University 1966-1967
Gabriel A. Almond Stanford University 1965-1966
David B. Truman Columbia University 1964-1965
C. Herman Pritchett University of Chicago 1963-1964
Carl J. Friedrich Harvard University 1962-1963
Charles S. Hyneman Indiana University 1961-1962
Emmette S. Redford University of Texas 1960-1961
Carl B. Swisher Johns Hopkins University 1959-1960
R. Taylor Cole Duke University 1958-1959
V.O. Key, Jr., Harvard University 1957-1958
E.E. Schattschneider Wesleyan University 1956-1957
Harold D. Lasswell Yale University 1955-1956
Charles McKinley Reed College 1954-1955
Ralph J. Bunche United Nations 1953-1954
Pendleton Herring Social Science Research Council 1952-1953
Luther Gulick National Institute of Public Administration 1951-1952
Peter H. Odegard University of California, Berkeley 1950-1951
James K. Pollock University of Michigan 1949-1950
Quincy Wright University of Chicago 1948-1949
Henry R. Spencer Ohio State University 1947-1948
Arthur W. MacMahon Columbia University 1946-1947
Walter F. Dodd Chicago 1945-1946
John Gaus University of Wisconsin 1944-1945
Leonard D. White University of Chicago 1943-1944
Robert E. Cushman Cornell University 1942-1943
William Anderson University of Minnesota 1941-1942
Frederic A. Ogg University of Wisconsin 1940-1941
Robert C. Brooks Swarthmore College 1939-1940
Charles Grove Haines University of California, Los Angeles 1938-1939
Clarence A. Dykstra University of Wisconsin 1937-1938
Thomas Reed Powell Harvard University 1936-1937
Arthur N. Holcombe Harvard University 1935-1936
Francis W. Coker Yale University 1934-1935
Walter J. Shepard Ohio State University 1933-1934
Isidor Loeb Washington University 1932-1933
William F. Willoughby Brookings Institution 1931-1932
Edward S. Corwin Princeton University 1930-1931
Benjamin F. Shambaugh University of Iowa 1929-1930
John A. Fairlie University of Illinois 1928-1929
Jesse S. Reeves University of Michigan 1927-1928
William Bennett Munro Harvard University 1926-1927
Charles A. Beard Training School Public Service 1925-1926
Charles E. Merriam University of Chicago 1924-1925
James W. Garner University of Illinois 1923-1924
Harry A. Garfield Williams College 1922-1923
William A. Dunning Columbia University 1921-1922
Leo S. Rowe Director, Gen. Pan Am American Union 1920-1921
Paul S. Reinsch U.S. Minister to China 1919-1920
Henry Jones Ford Princeton University 1918-1919
Munroe Smith Columbia University 1916-1918
Jesse Macy Grinnell College 1915-1916
Ernst Freund University of Chicago 1914-1915
John Bassett Moore Columbia University 1913-1914
W.W. Willoughby Johns Hopkins University 1912-1913
Albert Bushnell Hart Harvard University 1911-1912
Simeon E. Baldwin Yale University 1910-1911
Woodrow Wilson Princeton University 1909-1910
A. Lawrence Lowell Harvard University 1908-1909
James Bryce British Ambassador to U.S. 1907-1908
Frederick N. Judson St. Louis 1906-1907
Albert Shaw New York City 1905-1906
Frank J. Goodnow Columbia University 1903-1905