Representation and Electoral Systems (Section 8)

The purpose of this section is to promote teaching and research in the areas of representation and electoral systems, and to encourage communication among persons interested in these fields within the Association and with related disciplines.

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Section Officers

Melody E. Valdini
Portland State University

Amanda Driscoll
Florida State University

2019 Annual Meeting
Program Chair
David Lublin
American University
[email protected]




Term: 09/2017-08/2019
Jessica Trounstine, University of California, Merced
Zeynep Somer-Topcu, University of Texas at Austin
Todd Donovan, Western Washington University

Term: 09/2018-08/2020
Ko Maeda, University of North Texas
Sarah Shair-Rosenfield, Arizona State University
Kristin-Wylie, James Madison University

Section Awards

Section awards are presented during the APSA annual meeting awards ceremony. To learn more about any award listed, contact the award committee chair for the award.

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George H. Hallett Award

The George H. Hallett Award is presented annually to the author of a book published at least ten years ago that has made a lasting contribution to the literature on representation and electoral systems.

Deadline for nominations: April 19, 2019

Award Committee:

Pippa Norris (Chair)
[email protected]

Rikhil Bhavnani
University of Wisconsin, Madison
[email protected]

Ruth Dassonneville 
Université de Montréal 
[email protected]


Lawrence Longley Award

The Lawrence Longley Award is given for the best article on representation and electoral systems published in the previous year.

Deadline for nominations: April 19, 2019

Award Committee:

Zoli Hajnal (Chair)
UC San Diego
[email protected]
Christina Farhart
Carleton College
[email protected]
Meg Rincker
Purdue University Northwest
[email protected]


Leon Weaver Award

Leon Weaver Award for the best paper presented at a conference panel sponsored by the Representation and Electoral Systems Section.

Deadline for nominations: April 19, 2019

Award Committee:

Jennifer Merolla (Chair)
UC Riverside    
[email protected]

Eric Juenke    
Michigan State University    
[email protected]

Sherrill Stroschein    
University College London    
[email protected]


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