APSA Resource: Teaching About Politics, Power, and Group Differences in the US

APSA has collected teaching, learning and discussion resources on politics, power, and group differences in the US. This resource project arose as a means to acknowledge the issues and debates that have re-surfaced into the public discourse as a result of the Charlottesville, VA protests and violence. 

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Resource Page Goals

With the understanding that these social, political, and economic themes predate the events in Charlottesville, (there is a long-standing political science research and scholarship tradition addressing the politics of power, race, racism, diversity, identity and nationalism, etc.), the goals of this project are to: 1) Shine a new light on these theories, as well as to highlight new and emerging theories and resources. 2) Identify scholarly expertise and potential collaborative networks in the aforementioned areas and fields of inquiry. 3) Identify a diverse array of political science themes and theories that can be brought to bear to assist students, faculty, and the public better understand, and dialogue, about these issues in a constructive way. 4) Showcase the range and value of political science and political scientists’ contributions (both as a teaching discipline and a scholarly profession) to civil discourse and the civic capacity of the public.

Call for Submissions 

During the months of September 2017 and October 2017, APSA opened a call for submissions. In addition to the broad topic of power and group differences, APSA invited submissions on wide variety of approaches that address the following themes, theories, and issues: politics of civil liberties, protest and counter-protest, bias, intersectionality, identity politics, critical race theory, race, racism, racial resentment, supremacy, intolerance, stereotype, political history and symbolism, nationalism, the politics of campus spaces and public spaces. 

Please note: This is a dynamic resource. From time to time, additional submissions that fit the above criteria will be added on a rolling basis. Submit a resource using the Online Submission Form. Questions? email us at diversityprograms@apsanet.org