Politics, Power, and Group Differences in the US: A Teaching Resource


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APSA Task Force Reports

The Double Bind: The Politics of Racial and Class Inequalities in the Americas. Report by the APSA Task Force on Racial and Class Inequalities in the Americas. The Double Bind

Political Science in the 21st Century. Report by the APSA Task Force on Political Science in the 21st Century. 

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Hanes Walton, Jr. Award 

For a political scientist whose lifetime of distinguished scholarship “has made significant contributions to our understanding of racial and ethnic politics and illuminates the conditions under which diversity and intergroup tolerance thrive in democratic societies.” 

Inaugural Award made in 2017 to Michael Dawson of the University of Chicago.

Ralph J. Bunche Award 

The Ralph Bunche Award is given annually for the best scholarly work in political science that explores the phenomenon of ethnic and cultural pluralism.

The 2017 Award recipient is Vaughn Raspberry, of Stanford University.

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