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Leonard D. White Award Recipients

Year Author Dissertation Submitted by
2017 Alan Zarychta It Takes More Than a Village: Governance and Public Services in Developing Countries University of Colorado at Boulder
2016 Bruce Jones An fMRI Study of the Reward Preferences of Government and Business Leaders
University of Texas, Dallas
2015 Katharine Bradley Who Lobbies the Lobbyists? Bureaucratic Influence on State Medicaid Legislation
University of Michigan
2014 Viridiana Rios Contreras
How Government Structure Encourages Criminal Violence: The Causes of Mexico's Drug War
Harvard University
2013 Deondra E. Rose The Development of U.S. Higher Education Policy and its Impact on the Gender Dynamics of American Citizenship
Cornell University
2012 Quinn W. Mulroy Public Regulation through Private Litigation: The Regulatory Power of Private Lawsuits and the American Bureaucracy
Columbia University
2011 Amanda M. Girth Accountability and Discretion in the Age of Contracting: When and Why Do Public Managers Implement Sanctions for Unsatisfactory Contract Performance?
American University
2010 Mikhail Pryadilnikov The State and Markets in Russia: Understanding the Development of Bureaucratic Implementation Capacities through the Study of Regulatory Reform, 2001-2008
Harvard University
2009 Zachary Oberfield Becoming the Man: How Street-Level Bureaucrats Develop Their Workplace Identities and Views University of Wisconsin, Madison
2008 Matthew Dull The Politics of Results: Comprehensive Reform and Institutional Choice University of Wisconsin
2007 Daniel W. Gingerich Corruption in General Equilibrium: Political Institutions and Bureaucratic Performance in South America
Harvard University
2006 David Pitts Diversity, Representation and Performance: Evidence about Ethnicity in Public Organizations
University of Georgia

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