Politics and History (Section 24)

The purpose of this section is to bring together political scientists interested in historical issues and problems drawing from almost every traditional disciplinary subfield.

Founded: 1989
Yearly membership dues: $0 for students and $10 for other members.
Journal: CLIO Newsletter of Politics and History

Organized sections provide opportunities for APSA members who share a common interest in a particular subfield to organize meetings and coordinate communications under Association auspices.

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Section Officers

Adam Sheingate
Johns Hopkins University

Kimberly Morgan
George Washington University

Shamira Gelbman
Wabash College

Robert Mickey
University of Michigan

2020 Annual Meeting Program Chairs
Eva Bertram
University of California, Santa Cruz
[email protected]

Lisa Blaydes
Stanford University
[email protected]

Term: 9/2018-8/2020
Julia Azari, Marquette University
Evgeny Finkel, SAIS Johns Hopkins University
Jonathan Obert, Amherst College
Sarah Staszak, Princeton University

Term: 9/2019-8/2021
Mai Hassan, University of Michigan
Nicole Mellow, Williams College
Abraham Newman, Georgetown University
Ruch Bloch Rubin, University of Chicago

Section Awards

Section awards are presented during the APSA annual meeting awards ceremony. To learn more about any award listed, contact the award committee chair for the award.

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J. David Greenstone Book Prize

The J. David Greenstone Book Prize recognizes the best book in history and politics in the past two calendar years.

Nomination Instructions: Send a hard copy of the book to each committee member. 

Deadline for nominations: March 1, 2020

Award Committee:
David Bateman, Cornell University
[email protected]

Jessica Trounstine, University of California, Merced
[email protected]

Lisa Baldez, Dartmouth College
[email protected]

Mary Parker Follett Prize

The Mary Parker Follett Prize recognizes the best article on Politics and History published in the previous year.

Nomination Instructions: To nominate an article for this award send an electronic copy to each of the scholars on the prize committee. 

Deadline for nominations: March 1, 2020

Award Committee:
Peter Swenson, Yale University
[email protected]

Isabel Perera, University of Pennsylvania
[email protected]

William Adler, Northeastern Illinois University
[email protected]


Walter Dean Burnham Dissertation Award

The Walter Dean Burnham Award is given for the best dissertation in the field of Politics and History.

Nomination Instructions: The committee welcomes nominations of outstanding dissertations from PhDs awarded in the previous two calendar years. To nominate a dissertation for this award send a letter of support from the student’s dissertation advisor or  committee member plus a copy of the dissertation itself to each member of the Award Committee. Contact each reader via email to see which format they prefer.(Hard copy or electronic)

Deadline for nominations: March 1, 2020

Award Committe:
Joe Lowndes, University of Oregon
[email protected]

Didi Kuo, Stanford University
[email protected]

Jody Laporte, Oxford University
[email protected]

Best Paper Award

An award for the best paper in Politics and History presented at the previous annual meeting.

Deadline for Nominations: March 1, 2020

Award Committee:
Patricia Strach, University of Albany
[email protected]

Quinn Mulory, Northwestern University
[email protected]

Kurt Weyland, University of Texas, Austin
[email protected] 

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