European Politics and Society (Section 21)

The purpose of the section is to promote comparative discussion, research and debate about the changing sociology of politics, the state and social structures in modern Western Europe.

Founded: 1989
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Section Counts

Organized sections provide opportunities for APSA members who share a common interest in a particular subfield to organize meetings and coordinate communications under Association auspices.

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Section Officers

Jane Gingrich
University of Oxford

Chair Elect
Rahsaan Maxwell
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Johannes Lindvall
Lund University

Newsletter Editor
European Politics and Society Newsletter
David Art
Tufts University
[email protected]

Alexander Jakubow
University of Virginia
[email protected]

2020 Annual Meeting Program Chairs
Rahsaan Maxwell, Univeristy of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
[email protected]

Term: 09/2017-08/2020
Pepper Culpepper, University of Oxford
R. Daniel Kelemen, Rutgers University

Term: 09/2018-08/2021
Mark Vail, Tulane University
Carol Mershon, University of Virginia
Amel Ahmed, University of Massachusetts

Term: 9/2019-8/2022
Catherine De Vries, VU Amsterdam
Pablo Beramendi, Duke University
Isabelle Engeli, University of Exeter

Section Awards

Section awards are presented during the APSA annual meeting awards ceremony. To learn more about any award listed, contact the award committee chair for the award.

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Best Article Award

This award is given for the best article dealing with European Politics & Society published in 2019.

Deadline for nominations: March 1, 2020

Award Committee:
Markus Wagner, University of Vienna
[email protected]

Tim Vlandas, University of Oxford
[email protected]

Mariely Lopez-Santana, George Mason University
[email protected]

Best Book Award

The Best Book Award is given for the best book on European Politics and society published in 2019.

Deadline for nominations: March 1, 2020

Award Committee:
Ben Ansell, University of Oxford
[email protected]

Lucy Barnes, University College London
[email protected]

Evgeny Finkel, Johns Hopkins University
[email protected]


Ernst B. Haas Best Dissertation Award

The Ernst B. Haas Best Dissertation Award is given for the best dissertation on European Politics and Society filed in 2019

Deadline for nominations: March 1, 2020

Award Committee:
Christoffer Green Pedersen, Aarhus University
[email protected]

Jennifer Fitzgerald, University of Colorado
[email protected]

Claire Dupuy, Louvain-la-Neuve
[email protected]

Best Paper Award

The Best Paper Award is given for the best paper presented on European politics and society at the previous year's annual meeting of the American Political Science Association.

Deadline for nominations: March 1, 2020

Award Committee:
Brian Burgoon, University of Amsterdam
[email protected]

Charlotte Cavaille, University of Michigan
[email protected]

Alex Kuo, University of Oxford
[email protected]

Peter Mair Award

The Peter Mair Memorial Award will fund the travel of two young scholars to attend the APSA meeting. Named in memory of Professor Peter Mair, one of the foremost scholars of European politics, the award is meant explicitly to enable young scholars of European politics without adequate funding to present a paper in one of the panels organized by the EPS section. 

First-time APSA-attendants who are graduate students or junior professors from underfunded European universities (notably in the East and South) are prioritized, but senior scholars from such institutions as well as junior scholars from underfunded non-European universities (including the US) are also considered. 

Applicants are expected to also apply to all other travel funds they are eligible for, including their department/university, national science foundations, and the APSA Travel Fund. The Awards are set at a maximum of $1,000 each, but partial/matching funding is possible too (and could lead to a larger number of grants). 

Applications for the Peter Mair Memorial Award should include: Name, position, and academic affiliation; Title of proposed paper and EPS-Panel it was submitted to; Letter from Head of Department confirming that there are no/not sufficient university funds; List of other funding agencies you have applied to; Indicate whether this would be your first APSA attendance

Deadline for nominations: May 1, 2020

Award Committee:
Silja Häusermann, University of Zurich
[email protected]

David Art, Tufts University
[email protected]

Carol Mershon, University of Virginia
[email protected]

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