Comparative Politics (Section 20)

The purpose of this section is to promote the comparative, especially cross-national, study of politics and to integrate work of comparativists, area studies specialists, and those interested in American politics.

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Section Awards

Section awards are presented during the APSA annual meeting awards ceremony. To learn more about any award listed, contact the award committee chair for the award.

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Luebbert Book Prize

The Luebbert Book Prize has a two-tier selection process – the Shortlisting Committee reads all books and the Final Selection Committee makes the decision. However, we ask that physical copies of nominated books should be sent to each member of both committees by February 1. Please note, only books with a copyright date of 2022 and 2023 are eligible.  We will be in touch with authors whose books have been shortlisted. Please apply via the following linkLuebbert Book Prize

 Deadline for nominations: February 1, 2024

Name Affiliation Email Address
Short Listing Committee    
Mark Beissinger (Chair) Princeton University mbeissin@princeton.edu
Gabi Kruks-Wisner University of Virginia gabi@virginia.edu
Mariela Szwarcberg Daby Reed College  mariela@reed.edu
Final Selection Committee    
Yuhua Wang Harvard University yuhuawang@fas.harvard.edu
Pauline Jones (Chair) University of Michigan pjluong@umich.edu
Kate Baldwin Yale University k8.baldwin@gmail.com

Luebbert Article Prize

Awarded annually for the best article published in the field of comparative politics during the previous two years. Please apply via the following linkLuebbert Article Prize

Deadline for nominations: February 1, 2024

Award Committee

Name Affiliation Email
Daniel Mattingly Yale University daniel.mattingly@yale.edu
Volha Charnysh Massachusetts Institute of Technology charnysh@mit.edu
Karen Ferree (Chair) University of California, San Diego keferree@mail.ucsd.edu

Sage Paper Prize

Awarded to the best paper in comparative politics presented at the 2023 meeting of the American Political Science Association. Please apply via the following linkSage Paper Prize

Deadline for nominations: February 1, 2024

Award Committee

Name Affiliation Email
Feyaad Allie Harvard University feyaadallie@fas.harvard.edu
Dominika Koter Colgate University dkoter@colgate.edu
Marcia Grimes (Chair) University of Gothenburg marcia.grimes@pol.gu.se

Lijphart/Przeworksi/Verba Dataset Award

Awarded annually to a publicly available dataset in the field of comparative politics. Please include instructions on accessing the dataset and note the top 5 publications or documents utilizing the dataset. Please apply via the following linkLijphart/Przeworksi/Verba Dataset Award

Deadline for nominations: February 1, 2024

Award Committee

Name Affiliation Email
Gilles Verniers Centre for Policy Research, New Delhi and Amherst College gverniers@amherst.edu
Matthew Winters (Chair) University of Illinois mwinters@illinois.edu
Kyle Marquardt University of Bergen kyle.marquardt@uib.no

Theda Skocpol Prize for Emerging Scholars

Awarded to a scholar up to ten years post-PhD whose work has made impactful empirical, theoretical and/or methodological contributions to the study of comparative politics. Nominations should include the CV of the nominee and a nomination letter. Please apply via the following link: Theda Skocpol Prize for Emerging Scholars

Deadline for nominations: April 1, 2024

Award Committee

Name Affiliation Email
Dawn Teele  University of Pennsylvania teele.academic@gmail.com
Rebecca Weitz-Shapiro Brown University rbweitz@brown.edu
Scott Straus (Chair) University of California, Berkeley sstraus@berkeley.edu

Bingham Powell Mentoring Award

This prize, introduced in 2012, is awarded to a political scientist who, throughout their career, has demonstrated a particularly outstanding commitment to the mentoring of graduate students in the field of comparative politics. The prize was named in honor of G. Bingham Powell, and initiated by his students. Nomination letters for the G. Bingham Powell graduate mentoring award should include, but go beyond, the academic achievements of the nominee, and provide information about the role the nominee has played in advancing the intellectual development and research careers of their mentees. Testimonials from a few former mentees can be included in the nomination letter, which should not exceed five pages. Please apply via the following linkBingham Powell Mentoring Award

 Deadline for nominations: April 1, 2024

Award Committee

Name Affiliation Email
Rose McDermott Brown University rose_mcdermott@brown.edu
Pete Hatemi Penn State University phatemi@gmail.com
Andy Harris (Chair) NYU Abu Dhabi andy.harris@nyu.edu