Women, Gender and Politics Research (Section 16)

The purpose of this section is to foster the study of women and politics within the discipline of political science.

Founded: 1986
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Website: Women, Gender, and Politics Research

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Section Officers
Co-Chairs Eileen Hunt Botting, Notre Dame University
Louise Davidson-Schmich, University of Miami
Chair-Elect Nadia Brown, Purdue University
Secretary Amy Atchison, Valparaiso University
Treasurer Pedro Dos Santos, College of Saint Benedict and St. John's University
2021 Annual Meeting
Division Chairs
Nandini Deo, Lehigh University
[email protected]
Eileen McDonagh, Northeastern University
[email protected]
Graduate Student Representative Christine M. Slaughter, University of California, Los Angeles

Kanisha Bond, Binghamton University
Lorna Bracewell, Flagler College


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Women, Gender, and Politics Research (Section 16)

Section awards are presented during the APSA annual meeting awards ceremony. To learn more about any award listed, contact the award committee chair for the award.

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Best Paper Award

The Best Paper Award is given for the best paper on women, gender, and politics at the previous year’s APSA conference. Any individual can nominate a paper for the award, including self-nominations. In addition, all papers presented in the Women and Politics Research Section and posted to the APSA conference paper website will be considered nominated. Application deadline: March 1; award amount $500. Deadline for nominations: March 1, 2021

Award Committee

Name Affiliation Email
Colleen Shogan (Chair) David M. Rubenstein Center [email protected]
Christine M. Slaughter University of California, Los Angeles [email protected]
Elena Gambino Rutgers University  [email protected]

Best Dissertation Award

The Best Dissertation Award is given for the best dissertation on women and politics completed and successfully defended in the previous calendar year. Nomination deadline: March 1; award amount $500. Deadline for nominations: March 1, 2021

Award Committee

Name Affiliation Email
Anne Runyan (Chair) University of Cincinnati [email protected]
Isabel Castillo Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile [email protected]
Catherine Wineinger Western Washington University [email protected]

The Okin-Young Award in Feminist Political Theory

The Okin-Young Award in Feminist Political Theory is jointly given by the Section, Foundations of Political Theory, and the Women’s Caucus for Political Science. The award commemorates the scholarly, mentoring, and professional contributions of Susan Moller Okin and Iris Marion Young to the development of the field of feminist political theory. This annual award recognizes the best paper on feminist theory published in an English language academic journal during the previous calendar year. Papers are considered by self-nomination or nomination by other individuals. Nominations are due no later than 15 February and the Award decision is announced by 1 June. The Section is responsible for coordinating with the other two sections to constitute the Award Committee, on which there will be a nominee from each of the three sections. The role of chair of the Award Committee rotates sequentially on a three year cycle among the three sections, and the Section keeps track of this cycle. Presentation of the Award also rotates: it is presented at the business meeting of the section from which the chair of the Award Committee is appointed that year. The Section is also responsible (with the assistance of the other two sections and APSA) for ensuring the Award is well publicized annually. The Section oversees the financial aspects of the award process. Award amount: $750. Deadline for nominations: February 15, 2021

Award Committee

Name Affiliation Email
Dr. Mehwish Sarwari (Chair) Buffalo State University [email protected]
Menaka Philips Tulane University [email protected]
Judith Grant Ohio University [email protected]

Best Paper on Intersectionality

Best Paper on Intersectionality, to be co-sponsored with the Race, Ethnicity, and Politics Section. This award is for the best paper addressing intersectionality presented at the previous year’s annual meeting. The scope of the award recognizes the roots of intersectional analysis in a critical analysis of the lived experiences of women of color, while also allowing for a more expansive reading of identity politics that takes into account multiple subjectivities and experiences, both within and outside the United States. Nomination Instructions: Self-nominations and nominations by others are welcome. To be considered for this award, a copy of the article should be sent electronically to each committee member by the deadline set by the Section. Nomination deadline: March 1; award amount $500. Deadline for nominations: March 1, 2021

Award Committee

Name Affiliation Email
Nadia Brown (Chair) Purdue University [email protected]
Kenicia Wright University of Central Florida [email protected]
Jamil Scott  Georgetown University [email protected]
Ivy Cargile California State University Bakersfield [email protected]

Public Engagement Award

Public engagement award: An annual award to recognize the exemplary public-facing work of political scientists in the field of Women, Gender, and Politics. This award seeks to recognize significant efforts to serve a local community/do outreach on women, gender and politics, or efforts to diffuse knowledge beyond the classroom, and to make a social/political difference. While all faculty are eligible for this award, we especially welcome nominations of permanent and non-permanent faculty with teaching loads of 3-3 and above. Nominations by oneself or others should be made to the committee appointed by the Women, Gender, and Politics section by 1 March in the year the award will be made; award amount $500. Deadline for nominations: March 1, 2021

Award Committee

Name Affiliation Email
Lorna Bracewell (Chair) Flagler College  [email protected]
Alice Kang University of Nebraska-Lincoln [email protected]
Kanisha Bond Binghamton University [email protected]

Best Article Published in Politics & Gender

Best article published in Politics & Gender: An annual award to recognize the best article published in our section journal, Politics & Gender, during the previous year. Nominations will not be sought for this award; the award will be by a committee chosen by the editors of the journal. Award amount $500. 

Award Committee

Name Affiliation Email
Kristin Williams (Chair)    
Danielle Thomsen    
Andy Reynolds